How to Detect a WordPress Theme and Plugin that used in your Competitors Blog

I’m a Blogger using WordPress as my CMS. I’m visiting lots of blogs per day. If i find a blogs theme that beautiful and i would like to to use that theme on my blog. The next step is directly jump to source page and begin my hunt to find the WordPress theme name.

If you are a person with bit experience in WordPress, might be you can easily find the competitor theme name, but its really time taking.  What if you are a newbie? Its really hard to find the theme name.

So here comes an easy tool that helps you to detect a theme and plugin that used in your Competitor WordPress Blog.

Use WP Theme Detector

WP Theme Detector is a simple tool which helps you to find the theme, plugin’s that used in a WordPress blog. It also show the themes author name, version, theme description, license, some popular plugin’s that used on that theme and the place to download the theme.

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Here how WP Theme Detector show if i put

Themes Details, Author and Version


Showing Some Plugin’s

WordPress Theme Detector - Free online tool to find a site´s theme

Showing Additional Information About the Site

wp_theme_detector_1 is a project created by Luis Alejandre. Luis has always been a passionate about technology.

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