How to Get Google Trends Hottest Topics Directly to your Inbox

Google recently announced they will be rolling out the ability for users to have popular topics from Google Trends and Hot Searches delivered through their email.

With Google trends you can easily grab the major changes on your business area, what people are saying about your brand. You can easily find what the world is searching for.

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With Google trends you can get alerts faster about your favorite topics that changing in the internet world. So how to get Google trends hottest topics directly to your inbox?

Its really easy. Here is the steps.

1. Go to Google Trends Subscription

Go to Google trends and go to the subscription area.


2. Add Susbcription

Add subscriptions to receive updates about noteworthy events. Here i would like to get trending updates about Twitter. I just use the term Twitter then choose the country if you would like to get important Twitter updates from United States, choose United States or from Canada choose Canada. The default option is Worldwide.

Then choose how often you need to receive the updates.


You can edit your subscription as per your future needs.

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