Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2014

Google surpassed Apple as most valuable brand in 2014 according to Brandz. Last year Apple has been dominating the lists as number one. According to Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ study Google’s value estimated at $158,843,000 and Apples value estimated to $147,880,000.

The study released on Wednesday. IBM ranked in third place followed by Microsoft, McDonald’s, CocaCola, Visa, AT&T, Marlboro, Amazon etc.

Social networking legend Facebook ranked at 21 and Samsung has risen one place to number 29. Professional network LinkedIn listed on 78 with estimated value of $12,407,000.

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Oscar Yuan Vice President at Millward Brown Optimor says So why and how did Google bump Apple? “It’s a story about two hugely successful technology companies.”

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“Google has been doing just the opposite—they’ve been organizing the world’s information and putting it at your fingertips. Even to things as aggressive as GoogleX—they are making WiFi available globally by putting satellites tied to balloons over the earth. [That kind of innovation] does enormous things for the brand—it’s seen as a making-dreams-come-true-type company, and that certainly helps their brand value,” Yuan said.

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