Top 10 sites to Track Bitcoin Exchange Rates

Bitcoin is finding a place of its own in the world of crypto currency transaction. They have become much stable now and the security issues that were a major concern has been taken into account. Though full security is still a far cry, but in the world of crypto currency people are using Bitcoin more and more.

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The major concern for this is that it is not backed by the government and neither is it influenced by monetary policies therefore even now people are bit hesitant in using them. It has its own policy and it all depend on how many people are eager to pay. This is the reason there is a high amount of uncertainty and risk involved. But now there are some sites available which are made to track the exchange rates of Bitcoin and here we are mentioning 10 of them.


It doesn’t the tracking of the exchange rates in a bit different way. If you have subscribed to this site, then you will get email alerts stating when the Bitcoin price will go up or when it will go down. Therefore, it will be easier for you to decide when to transact with Bitcoin and when not to. If you want to stop the alerts from landing up in your inbox, then you can delete the alerts too.

2. BigTerminal

It not only tracks the market of Bitcoin but also helps you with Litecoin as well. Average price can be estimated as well as the exchange price can be estimated too in different categories like BTC-e, Coinbase and BitStamp. Comparing the charts of the prices of the coins are made possible through this site and if required you can change to the currencies of your choice.

3. Bitcoin Ticker

It will show you the real time value of your favorite Bitcoin from 6 exchanges. You can select 10 minute time range to a time range of All Time from here. Combined view will show you the graphs of the price and that too in real time for Huobi, Bitfinex, BTC-e and BitStamp on the very same screen. Real time buy out is also possible.

4. Blockchain

It is easier to read through even when the data are collected from Bitcoinity. So it doesn’t require you to be an expert in this field to understand the tracking of three currencies that includes, GBP, EUR or USD. Chat room made available to keep yourself updated with all the news regarding Bitcoin.

5. Coinbase

It is not a proper Bitcoin price tracker instead it tracks the Bitcoin price that is available in USD and also the transaction that happens daily. If you want to track the transaction volume, then Coinbase is the best tracker for you. As per your preference, you can customize the time range.

6. Winkdex

If you are not satisfied with the data from only one exchange then register with this site as it will show you data from 7 exchanges. The best part of this site is that it weighs the price depending on the volume of transaction. Though the interface is user friendly, but it is still in beta therefore there are some hitches attached to it.

7. Bitcoinity

Number of exchanges and also number of currencies are taken into account before tracking the price. There is a section which will allow you to customize as per your preference, including the colored theme that is available. You can also zoom in and out of the chart easily.

8. CoinDesk

This one includes three Bitcoin exchanges and their own average price index of Bitcoin. Depending on your orientation you can either go for the price index or the price of three exchanges. It will easily tell you all the opening, closing or the high and the low price data.

9. BitcoinWisdom

Several crypto-currency exchanges are taken into consideration before coming up with the price. There are various chart styles and also depth ranges that you can use if you go into the settings. It will update the tracker in real time.

10. Bitcoin Charts

One of the most comprehensive price tracker of Bitcoin that is available online. There are various chart types available with moving averages and the time range that you can set ranges from 1 day to 8 years with an option of All data.

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