Turkish Twitter User Jailed For Using ‘Allah’ in His Handle

A Turkish Twitter user jailed for using Allah in his handle. Turkish court a 15 month jail term to a teacher over Twitter posts deemed religiously offensive.

According to Turkish News Website Hurriyet Daily News The user, Allah (c.c.), or @CenabiAllah, was charged with “humiliating the religious values accepted by a part of the people.”

Hurriyet Daily News continuous that “The suspect has accepted the use of the nickname and the posts, but in order to avoid the crime, he said posts could have been written after the account was hacked. It is understood that this claim is unfounded and the investigation files prove him guilty as charged,”

This is Allah (c.c.)’s last tweet.

He wrote: “In my present state of mind, I would not have created the little finger of human beings”.

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