DoCoMo Develops World’s First SIM-based Authentication Mini Device

Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo developes world’s first sim-based authentication mini device.


According to’s report “It has developed a SIM card that can wirelessly connect smartphones and tablets to networks and the Internet simply by waving one’s hand. The card can also transmit a user’s number and other info, separating connectivity from mobile devices themselves.

DoCoMo announced a pocket-sized prototype of the technology that it’s calling Portable SIM. By simply waving Portable SIM next to a mobile device, the user’s subscriber identity can be transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth, eliminating the need to physically insert a SIM card. Using this feature, for example, the smartphone user can switch their subscriber identity from a personal device to a shared tablet in the workplace. For security, the switched phone number in the smartphone is locked once the Bluetooth link is broken.

DoCoMo is working to commercialize this device. Akira Shibutani, manager of the Advanced Technology Group at DoCoMo’s Communication Device Development Department, said in a briefing on the device. “We felt that this boiled down to authentication.” “We were considering what comes next after the smartphone and we zeroed in on what functions were essential to customers.”

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