Facebook’s Messaging App Slingshot is now Available Globally

Facebook‘s experimental messaging app Slingshot app is now available to download for all Android and iOS worldwide. The app officially launched on the US last week.

Facebook says Slingshot already opening it up to all markets. “Since we launched last week, we’ve heard from lots of people around the world who are excited to give Slingshot a try. Starting today, we’re expanding our initial launch and making Slingshot available internationally!”, Facebook says through blog post.

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What is Slingshot?

Slingshot is similar to Snapchat. With Slingshot you can quickly share your favorite moments with your friends. Shoot a photo or video with Slingshot and sling it to a bunch of friends.

They won’t be able to see your shot until they sling something to you.

Want to learn more about Slingshot and the usage – Click here.

Download Slingshot for Android.

Donwload Slingshot for iOS.

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