Justin TV is Deleting Video Archives

Justin.tv webs most popular video streaming service is deleting video archives. Announced that it will no longer offer video archiving, and will delete existing archives in June.

Justin.tv said in a statement that “Over the last few months, our staff has been reviewing data surrounding our archive and VOD (Video on Demand) system. We found that more than half of our VODs are unwatched (with 0 or 1 total views), while the vast majority are rarely watched (with 10 or less views).”

“So, taking into consideration the above findings and countless discussions, we have concluded to remove all archiving after June 8, 2014. This means that live broadcasts will no longer be recorded.”

According to Quantcast reports Justin.tv brings in nearly 5 million unique visitors per month, which 29% are in the U.S.

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