Opera Released a New Version of its Web browser for Linux-based Operating Systems

Opera has released a new version of its web browser for linux-based operating systems. The last version of Opera browser 12.16 comes around a year ago.

According to TheNextWeb.com’s report “Opera stopped updating the Linux build when it abandoned its own rendering engine and browser stack in favor of Chromium. Now, a Chromium-based Opera 24 is available to download for developers.”

Arjan Van Leeuwen a software developer at Opera says “Adding Linux to our browser line fulfills an important part of Opera’s vision to shape an open, connected world. We want everyone to have fast and safe access to the web. Adding Linux opens up that possibility to more machines running the open-source operating system.”

Company said Ubuntu Linux 64-bit with Unity or Gnome Shell. It may work on other platforms, but that’s not guaranteed.

Click here to download the latest version of opera browser.

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