Top 7 Trusted Pay Per Download Websites

Pay per download, that you will get paid for every download through your referrals. Lot of pay per download websites are available on the web, but which is legitimate? Here we are listing the best 7 pay per download websites with great features to make some extra money through your website.

1. DollarUpload

One of the worlds best and trusted pay per download website. Dollarupload pay an average of $1 for each offer/survey completed. DollarUpload is working with industries leading advertisers. Their minimum payout is $10 through direct bank deposit.

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2. ShareCash

Another popular and trusted pay per download website. You will get paid up to $20 per download. A 24/7 full time staff is out there to help you what ever you need. You can get payment via  PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Payquicker, Wire Transfers, and Checks.

3. ShareGate

Another pay per download site with 24/7 support. They offer the highest payouts per download, great tools, tutorials, and support to truly get you earning in no time. Minimum pay out is $10 via check, bank wire, payza, Paypal.

4. CashShare

Another pay per download site with 24/7 support. CashShare providing a powerful analytics tools to track your individual file earnings and traffic statistics with country breakdown, clicks, conversions, EPC. CashShare operating weekly payment method via paypal, payza, bank wire with the minimum payout of $5.

5. DreamCash

DreamCash is a popular affiliate/content locking network. They pays average of $0.07-$0.90 per download and also you will earn 30% commission when the visitor buys premium account for downloads. Some other features provided by DreamCash are Link/Content locker, Video locker, Flash locker, Templates locker etc. The minimum payout is $10 dollar via paypal, alertpay, check, wire and ETF.

6. FileFrost

Another trusted pay per download website. Exclusive offers paying up to $40 per downloads. The minimum cashout is $10 and FileFrost currently supports Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, Wire Transfers and Check.

7. PureBits

PureBits is another popular pay per downlaod website similar to DreamCash like Link/Content locker, Video locker, Flash locker etc. You can lock any webpage you own.

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