Vuze Review: Finest Bittorent Software Ever

This month on, we are reviewing the world’s finest Bittorent Software Vuze. If you are familiar with Bit-torrents’s you already heard about Vuze. We are reviewing about Vuze who are not familiar with it. Just a sneak peek.

Vuze is a free bittorrent peer-to-peer client that you can run on your computer and use to search for and share a wide range of legal and non-infringing torrent files from across the world. The amount of content in the public domain or licensed by copyright holders under some variation of Creative Commons license types, available for free distribution is large and growing (well, what falls into the public domain might not be growing as quickly as some would like), and you can use software like Vuze to find it and download it with ease.

One of the things that makes Vuze so popular is that it has so many options and plugins that you can use to enhance the experience of searching for and downloading torrent files. One of its most popular features is the meta search function, which allows you to enhance the search experience to find exactly what you are looking for with ease.

Here is a quick guide to using and getting the most from meta search in Vuze.

Find the Meta Search Tab

The Vuze bittorrent client software makes searching for torrents easy. In its simplest form, you can just go to the search box once you have launched the client, and type in a keyword to bring up the list of results. However, if you see that your search has not delivered the results that you were looking for, you will see a Meta Search tab next to the search box and it is here that you can start to refine your search.

Use the Advanced Search Filters

Once you click on the Meta Search tab, you will be presented with a number of Advanced Search Filters that you can change to refine your search. One of the most useful of these is the ‘Show results with…’ function. This allows you to type in keywords that you want to be included in the search as well as keywords that you want to be excluded.

Another useful parameter is the file size range, which you can change to exclude files that are too large or too small. This is used to remove results that you know are not in the size range you are searching for.

Aside from these two options, you can also choose the categories for your results, as well as the torrent clients from which you want to display the results. You can also decide upon how many results you want to appear per page.

Visit the Torrent Source Page

After you have refined your search using the advanced filters, you may want to find out more details about the torrent files that appear in the results. Vuze also makes this easy to do. Simply find the result that interests you and click on the ‘i’ info symbol. This will take you to the page that provides further details of the torrent so you can decide whether you want to download it.

Upload Some Search Templates

Another great option in Vuze is the ability to use search templates to add more torrent sites to your searches. There are many templates available online, so simply find one that interests you, doesn’t appear to consist largely of infringing files, and upload it to Vuze. You can do this from the Meta Search tab by simply selecting the ‘Add/Edit’ option and choosing to add a new template. Then simply locate your template on your computer and add it.

Take Advantage of Meta Search

Vuze makes downloading torrents easy, and the meta search function makes using this client even better. Try out the meta search function next time you use it and see if you can improve your search results. And importantly, respect intellectual property, and don’t infringe on copyright.

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