15 Trending Twitter Hashtags Used by Digital Marketing Teams

Its mandatory to use hashtags in your social media updates if you are using social media for your business. Once hashtag a word in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or in Instagram all account users can see your status, if they are searching that hashtag word. So hashtags are necessary to join the general social media discussion.

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In your business cases you should use hashtags in Twitter. Twitter hashtags helps to seek business specific conversations. So now here today we are sharing the top 15 trending Twitter hashtags used by digital marketing teams.

1. #analytics

2. #measure

3. #insights

4. #reports

5. #marketing

6. #metrics

7. #seo

8. #data

9. #ecommerce

10. #emetrics

11. #ecom

12. #ppcchat

13. #ppc

14. #webdesign

15. #trend

If we missed any trending Twitter hashtags in this list? Let us know through comments.

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