Know Your Limits on Instagram

We recently shared articles that helps yo to know about our limit on sending messages on Facebook and your daily limit on sending email in Gmail.

Your Limits on Instagram
Its time to learn about the limit on another popular network, today its Instagram the Facebook owned photo and video sharing platform. Lets check…….

Following Limit

There is a limit on the people you can follow on Instagram.

  • You can’t follow more than 7,500 people on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to follow more than 7,500. Anyone tries to o follow more than 7,500 they will get error message.
  • Instagram allows you to follow/unfollow 20 people per hour.

Likes Limits

Instagram is not like Facebook.

  • Your Instagram account is limited to give  350 likes per hour.
  • If you try to exceed the limit your account will getting locked up.

Hashtags and Characters

  • So far we cant get any post caption length limit.
  • You can’t post more than 30 hashtags per post.
  • Your Instagram bio can’t exceed 150 characters.

There is no limitations the number of images you can share on Instagram.

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