pCloud Review: Access Your Files Anywhere, On Any Device

With more cloud storage providers popping out every day, it’s hard to find the one, which suits your needs and tastes the best. Hoping we can help you in the choice, today we’re presenting a service, which combines convenience and user-friendliness into one. Live for less than a year, pCloud has gained  and keeps getting massive attention from all kinds of users worldwide.

Signing up requires no effort at all and you can get up to 20GB of free storage, which you can upgrade at any time to one of the premium plans currently available.



pCloud contains convenient features, some of them currently unavailable to other cloud storage providers. Here we talk more about them, aiming to make their concept more understandable:

1) 20 GB of free storage: In our introduction, we mentioned that you can get up to 20 GB of free cloud storage. This works in a certain way. When you sign up for the service you get 10GB of initial free storage you can use. However, by inviting friends to try out pCloud, you can gain an additional 10 GB of free space.

2) No upload/download file size and speed limit: One of those unique features we talked about when introducing pCloud was exactly the absence of  limit in size and speed, when it comes to uploading and downloading files. We could easily upload large files and it took less than what we expected for the action to be competed. The same result was evident when downloading the same amount of bulky information.

3) Instant changes on any device: And by changes, we mean synchronizing. pCloud offers instant synchronization between all your mobile devices as it offers Android and iOS full featured mobile apps, as well as desktop sync for Mac, Windows and Linux. This means that you will never have to worry about not being able to access your files wherever you go. Likewise, with pCloud sync you can sync more than one folder at once.

4) Social media backups: Exactly as its written. The cloud storage service offers a backup of your files from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and since recently – Dropbox included. This feature is convenient, because it gives you a sense of security in case all of your media gets lost somehow.

5)Favourites: Although this feature is only available for mobile devices, it is really useful. If you Favourite your files or folders, they can be instantly available offline, due to the fact that they are going to be saved locally on your the device.

6)Download/Upload link: Some more unique features pCloud offers to the public are the so called Download and Upload link functions. Although they sound complicated, they are really convenient to use. By selecting “Download link” you can generate a unique link for a file or a folder to share with your friends and colleagues for the purpose of downloading. “Upload link” works the same way. After generating a personal link for a folder and leaving a comment for the recipient, you can share it and people will be able to upload files directly to your cloud. In the advanced settings you can also limit the size of the files you want to be uploaded as well as choose their number. What is more, both features require no registration on the part of your friends and colleagues.


7)Share files and folders: This feature gives you the opportunity to share your folders while maintaining full control over the process. You can choose what actions your friends and family can perform as they can read, modify, create and delete files. And as the “Upload link” and “Download link” functions, those whom you have shared the files with need no registration.


8) Audio player: This is a convenient feature for music enthusiasts. Just as the tittle says, pCloud provides an embedded audio player with playlist options for your music. You can store all your favourite tunes without having to worry you’ll run out of space.


9) Security: pCloud secures your files on at least 3 server locations, which can reassure you that your files are safe and secure.

10) Design my.pcloud.com : pCloud delivers a minimalistic design for the cloud service. The clean and sleek overall look makes for an enjoyable experience and contributes to how easy it is to manage your data.


pCloud is perfect for those of you, who look for a fresh design and convenient features in a cloud storage provider. The company’s service aims for a user friendly vibe and offers a fair amount of free space and unique options that are easy to use. In case you’re not satisfied with the free storage you have received, you can always upgrade your profile to one of pCloud’s premium plans for a monthly or annual subscription.

pCloud Transfer

Recently, pCloud has introduced a new independent service that enables you to transfer large files for a matter of seconds. Its essence lies in that fact that you can send multiple large files up to 5 GB without registering for anything. You can do that to a maximum of 10 people and optionally, if you have a pCloud account you can send files with unlimited size, as long as your quota allows you to do so.

The platform is simple and easy to use. The only thing you need is your and your recipient’s email address. After the transfer is complete, both parties will receive a notification email with detailed information about the process of the transfer such as: who is the sender of the files, list of the files that are sent, expiration date of the transfer etc. You also have the option to encrypt the files you’re sending, ensuring a secure transfer. The best part of this service is that it’s free. Using it, you can save yourself time and money.

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