The Basics of Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management software, commonly abbreviated to CRM software, is essentially a digital system for managing the interactions between a company and its existing and prospective customer base.

These systems are designed to track and measure customer interactions conducted over multiple networks, for example, customer data queries, data storage banks, direct emails and social media.

Why Your Company Needs CRM Software

Regardless of your company’s specific goals it’s safe to say that your company needs CRM software – here are five reasons why.

The Importance of History – Instantly Look Back in Time

Relationship histories are important and with CRM software you can instantly look back in time at conversations and interactions you’ve had with your customers and check how your relationship has progressed.

With a CRM you can mitigate the chances of losing customers by understanding what went wrong and when so as to take relevant actions.

Metrics are Critical to Business Growth and Therefore Success

CRM software provides you with instant metrics about various aspects of your company, including conversion ratios and sales figures, empowering you to instantly understand which areas of your company’s activities are most in need of improvement.

CRM Software Enhances Organisation 

By organising all your information into the one system you’re empowered to more effectively manage your company’s information and gain an overview of that information, i.e. the big picture.

By integrating tasks, emails and calendars into one easily manageable system you can gain an overview like never before which aids organisation no end.

Keep Track of Upcoming Tasks and Events

Whilst many business professionals are using the latest calendar and task apps, these apps simply don’t provide the integration possibilities that a CRM provides.

CRM Software Protects Important Business Data

Using a web-based CRM also protects your business data, ensuring that if you lost your laptop on the way home or your offices were broken into and your computers stolen, you’d still be able to access your business data because it’s backed up on a secure server.

Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management Software – Features and Benefits 

Microsoft’s customer relationship management software has received excellent reviews, so if you’re looking for a CRM for your company, you’ll find this list of features and benefits of particular interest.

Excellent Integration with Microsoft Office 

Microsoft’s CRM boasts excellent integration with Microsoft Office with the introduction of a new Office 2010 contextual ribbon.

This contextual ribbon enables users to take full advantage of native Outlook functionality by, for instance, highlighting and flagging CRM records just as they would when using Outlook.

Helps Marketing and Sales Teams Combine Their Efforts

Increased revenue, improved efficiency and enhanced cost-effectiveness are just three of the many benefits management has to look forward to when marketing and sales teams are empowered to combine their efforts and that’s exactly what Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers them to do.

Cloud Development and Deployment

Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers users to use tools like Visual Studio to develop and deploy custom code for Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Everyone Has Access to the Information They Need

Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps all of a company’s information in the one place making it instantly accessible to anyone who has need of it at any time.

This improves both individual and collaborative work efforts and eliminates what have become known as ‘silos of information’ that impede workplace processes and collaborative work projects.

Interactive Process Dialogs

Companies use dialogs to collect and process information about their customer base. CRM dialogs can be used for a number of purposes, including guiding customer interactions and processes in a direction that’s in line with the company’s customer service strategy.

Greater Transparency and Analysis of Sales Processes

The greater the transparency of sales processes management has, the more empowered they are to analyse it effectively and implement positive changes.

Microsoft Dynamics assists management in a number of ways, including improving their ability to develop their sales teams and assign specific members or supervisors to specific tasks or individual customers.

Improves Sales Forecasting

Improving sales forecasting provides a wide array of knock-on benefits, including the ability to improve scheduling and purchasing because management is empowered to create schedules and make purchases that are in line with their sales forecasts.

Improves Customer Communications and Interactions 

In addition to storing information about customer interactions in the one place, the wide array of tools the Microsoft CRM provides improves customer communications and interactions by enabling instant access to information about previous interactions.

This also results in greater overall customer management efficiency and can also improve customer response times.

Increases Customer Retention and Revenue 

Perhaps the greatest knock-on effect from using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the increase in customer retention and revenue that many companies have experienced.

By enhancing the ability of customer service staff to handle customer issues and problems they’re better able to connect with customers, thus providing them with more outstanding levels of customer service which results in enhanced customer retention levels and therefore greater revenue.

Every company needs CRM software to enhance their interactions with their customer base and improve their customers’ experiences by providing them with exceptionally competitive levels of customer service.

For a cutting-edge CRM that meets the needs of your company you won’t do better than Microsoft Dynamics CRM with its wealth of outstanding features that provide inimitable benefits to companies like yours.

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