Top 7 Important Ecommerce Software Tools for Web Store Owners

The USP of any web store is the Ecommerce Software Tools that it intends to run on. Back then, it was the most daunting task for web store owners to spot an apt Ecommerce Software Tool for their respective online stores. However, times have changed and many providers have started offering numerous Ecommerce Software Tools that provide specialized and website product configurators that are customizable, which enables store owners to sell more.

Here are few high performance based Ecommerce Software Tools that all web store owners should use.

1. Magento

If you want a reliable online platform that can help you set up an online store with not much hassle, then Magento is the right tool for you. Magento is one of the best free open source ecommerce software specially developed keeping in mind small to medium companies.

You can modify, add or edit several features by installing extensions. The only side back of this software is that there is no official technical support available.

2. Cross Selling Software

Cross Sell refers to suggesting related products and services to customers who are considering buying something in the same category. It is important to anticipate customer needs and proactively look for opportunities that provide more value to their buying experience. Online websites such as Amazon, Ebay and many more use cross selling very effectively.

For instance, if a customer has added a particular self help book in his cart on the Amazon website, it is very likely that he will also be shown other self help books that he could purchase along with his original choice of book.

3. CubeCart

CubeCart is a powerful and easy to use website product configurator that many web stores prefer to use. The software lets control almost all aspects of the store, which includes customer reviews, customer feedbacks, general notifications, daily sales statistics, and ongoing orders.

This website product configurator comes along with varied plugins and modules that let you expand your online web store, offers multiple payment gateways, shipping methods and much more.

4. SimpleCart

Assuming you are a new entrant in the web store arena with limited budget in the beginning, SimpleCart software should be the right choice for you. It is a free and open source javascript shopping cart that easily gets integrated with your current website. Basic HTML is used for integrating and customizing the website, which gives you unlimited control over content and styling of shopping cart items.

Just like any other prominent website product configurators, SimpleCart too gives the buyers multiple secured payment options such as Paypal and Google Checkouts.

5. WooCommerce

You must have heard of WooThemes that are used for business websites. Woo Commerce is a product configurator tool from Woo Themes that helps you to transform your WordPress website into a web store. Its reporting features let you check your store performances on regular basis. Per category and even per individual product analysis can be done. Woo Commerce, an online product tool, is completely audited by a security firm named Sucuri.

6. ZeusCart

Small to medium enterprises will fall for a website product configurator such as ZeusCart. It is an advanced PHP open source shopping cart catering to the requirements of not so big businesses.  ZeusCart has an inbuilt CMS, SEO friendly URL’s, email templates and much more.

ZeusCart suits web store owners, who have basic computer literacy. ZeusCart is one of those products that can be customized online depending on your requirement. The software works on Twitter Bootstrap, which makes it fully responsive and is device friendly.

7. Automatic Response

Sometimes you could be very busy with your work and replying to emails would be difficult. In that case, it would be ideal to have an automated response via email to the recipients. Automated Response, if properly worded, would help you not lose your customers and the sales that come along.

In the process of choosing e-commerce software, web store owners should check if the software incorporates fundamental aspects of creating and maintaining an ecommerce website. Lastly, the software should be able to provide security to the shoppers as sharing of confidential data such as credit card details would be involved.

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