Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts you Should Know

Today we are sharing important Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts that helps you to use Twitter easier than ever.

Twitter has a new set of keyboard shortcuts that helps users operate Twitter using only your keyboard. You can access those shortcuts by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of your Twitter timeline.

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Here we are sharing the same list, alternatively you can look.

n – New Tweet

f – Favorite

r – Reply

t – Retweet

m – Direct Message

u – Mute User

b – Block user

Enter – Open Tweet Details

l – Close all Open Tweets

/ – Search

Ctrl + Enter – Send Tweet

? – This Menu

j – Next Tweet

k – Previous Tweet

Space – Page Down

. – Load New Tweets

g+h – Home

g+n – Notifications

g+a – Activity

g+r – Mentions

g+d – Discover

g+p – Profile

g+f – Favorites

g+l – Lists

g+m – Messages

g+s – Settings

g+u – Go to User

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