What is LinkedIn’s New Connected App

Professional network LinkedIn continued its mobile march with another major update. This time announced ‘Connected.’ LinkedIn Connected is all about providing genuine opportunities for you to enhance your relationships. It helps you reach out to people in your network when it matters most, so you can keep your network strong. LinkedIn-connected

LinkedIn says about the new app that could be providing genuine opportunities for you to strengthen your relationships. Here are the few ways the new LinkedIn Connected app can helps you make the most.

Celebrate moments that matter: Know when people in your network change jobs, are mentioned in the news, have work anniversaries or birthdays and be reminded to connect with people you just recently had a meeting with. Now you have a reason to stay in touch with people in your network.

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Stay connected to your connections: In a matter of minutes and just a few swipes, Connected makes networking more fun and light touch. Connected’s card-based app experience, a first for LinkedIn, puts people at its center, is simple and easy to use. Connected is a focused app that is specifically designed to help you network effectively.

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Take the “work” out of networking: We’ve noted that we’re continuing to build out mobile features, based on anticipatory computing, that will delight you. When you sync your contacts and calendars with Connected, you can turn on highly relevant and timely push notifications for pre-meeting intelligence and reminders right before meetings. LinkedIn’s group product manager for relationships products David Brubacher says Connected is available Thursday on iOS for LinkedIn’s English users. Users with Contacts can get Connected with a simple app update.

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