Swarm Android App Crashing? Follow these Steps

Swarm is a new app launched by Foursquare to keep up and meet up with your friends, the same what you are done in Foursquare previously.

Recently Foursquare stopped the check-in feature on the app says “Foursquare users will have to use its secondary app, Swarm, to check-in to locations starting Thursday. That change comes after Foursquare announced an unbundling into two separate apps back in May. Foursquare, where users run local searches, and Swarm, where check-ins are re-hosted.”

Lot of users including me installed Swarm app and completely dissatisfied with the performance. Crashing crashing crashing…

So how to fix your issue?

1. Log out of the app
2. Uninstall the app
3. Turn off your device
4. If applicable, detach then reattach your device’s battery
5. Turn on your device
6. Re-install the app from the app store
7. Log back in to the app

These steps will ensure all silent updates have been pushed to your device and any outdated issues have been fixed.

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