Five Weird (but Effective) Ways to Improve Your Writing Skill

Essay writers have to write their essay with perfection. Whether they are students who are given essay assignments by their mentors, journalists who have to write newspaper articles every day, bloggers who have to post new blog posts regularly, or ghostwriters who are hired to work on someone else’s works, they have to make sure that the articles, essays, and other pieces of writing that they work on are free from flaws and errors. In order to reach perfection, they must have excellent writing skill.

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They have to be fluent and knowledgeable about grammar and style and they have to know how to attract readers with everything that they write. This writing skill, unfortunately, is not something that can be mastered overnight. There are many ups and downs that they have to get through and they have to build their experience before they can write perfectly. If you are ready to traverse such long and difficult road to success, you can take the following steps to be able to systematically improve your writing skill.

1. Learn from the Best

If you want to be a competent writer, you should learn from the best writer. Read high-quality materials that you can find on books, newspapers, magazines, and websites and notice how those materials are written. You may want to take note of interesting words, clauses, sentences, or quotations that impress you so that you can use them later in your writing. Learn from the best and you can be the best writer eventually.

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2. Learn from the Worst

Learning from the best is important, but learning from the worst is not less important than learning from the best. To be able to write a perfect essay, you have to be able to avoid mistakes. You can do that if you know clearly what those mistakes are. If you read an essay that is full of errors, mistakes, bad wording, bad grammar, bad punctuations, and other mistakes that make that essay inferior, lowly and substandard, you can try to identify those mistakes and try to avoid them when you are writing your own essay. Identifying erroneous words and sentences in an article is a challenging yet interesting learning activity because the more mistakes you can discover, the better your understanding of good writing is and the more confident you are with your writing skill. There are not many places on the internet where you can find truly bad articles because most of the time, they mix with better articles. If you need to find a reliable place where you can read awful essays and articles and where you can evaluate them, is a website that you must visit.

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3. Learn from Yourself

Learning from smart writers is good and learning from poor writers is similarly good; however, it is better if you can learn not only from someone else’s excellence and mediocrity, but also from your own strength and weakness. Make writing articles and essays your habit, see how well you can write, review your writing to see any mistakes that you make there, and do all of those activities frequently. You will eventually know how to write a good article and you will gradually improve your writing skill. In the beginning, you may feel downhearted when you see excellent articles written by other writers, but as time goes by and you keep improving your writing skill, you will be surprised when you can finally write an essay that is similarly impressive to that of those writers.

4. Learn from Praises and Criticisms

After you write your article, let other people read it. They can be everyone, including your mentor, your friend, your website visitors, or anyone who has some interest in reading your article. Some of them may praise you because of your hard work, but there are also people who will criticize your work because they find it not very praiseworthy. Both praises and criticisms that you receive should be made valuable lessons. Don’t be overconfident when someone praises you but don’t also be too disheartened when you receive criticism. If you make them valuable lessons, both praises and criticisms can be great assets for you to improve your writing skill.

5. Never Give Up

Give up and you will fail forever. Even the dumbest writers can write excellent articles if they never give up and if they try to improve their writing skill, against all odds. If you give up, everything that you have learned will be useless and there is no chance for you to be able to write excellently. Therefore, always be optimistic people and don’t ever be pessimistic when you are down. As mentioned earlier, there are ups and downs that you have to get through in order to be a good writer and criticisms are mostly plentiful. You will frequently get them during your long journey toward success. Be patient and persistent and you’ll achieve success sooner or later.

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