Solution – Disqus Comment System not Showing on Some Blog Posts

Disqus is a popular blog comment hosting service uses as a networked platform. Disqus has been used my more than 750,000 blogs and Web sites including CNN, The Daily Telegraph, and a lot of small sized blogs.

Yesterday i heard a problem with my friends blog he says Disqus commenting system not showing on some of his blog posts. He is using WordPress CMS. How to fix that? Here is the solution for the bloggers who are facing the same.

We reviewed that site and noticed

1. The default WordPress comments are not appearing. Try re-enabling the WP comment system, and Disqus should appear.

If commenting is not showing for the affected pages closed within WordPress itself

1. Navigate to your WP Dashboard > Posts > click Quick Edit on an affected post
2. Make sure the “Allow comments” checkbox is enabled

Try these too

If comments are enabled within WordPress, a thread can be opened by clicking the “Open thread” link in the thread’s Settings dropdown in the Disqus embed on your site.

This may also be caused by a conflict with your current theme or a plugin. You can test this by temporarily reverting to the default WordPress theme and, if that doesn’t fix this, disabling all plugins except Disqus.


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