IM Creator Review: A Popular Website Builder for Freelancers and Small Businesses

For a small business owner, setting up a website can be an expensive and daunting task, since it often involves hiring a professional website developer and can take a few months to complete.

The good news is that small businesses don’t necessarily need a complex website with every possible “bell and whistle.” For the most part, the type of website most small businesses need can be created in a short timeframe, at the fraction of full development costs thanks to IM Creator.

Create a unique, elegant website with no design knowledge of coding experience

IM Creator is an online website creator which provides easily customized templates for almost any business or entity. Its drag-and-drop functionality and ability to automatically crop images and resize text allows persons without any coding experience or design knowledge to create a website in as little as 5 minutes.

The templates provided are elegant and trendy, created by expert developers and designers. They also provide new templates twice per year in their ‘Seasonal Collection’ to ensure you can take advantage of the latest design trends. If you were to hire someone to build the templates they provide from scratch, it would require an investment of thousands of dollars to do so.

Start paying only when your site is ready to go public with its own domain

Since their templates and design tools are available for free, you can take as long as you need to create your website without worrying about the cost. You only start paying when you are ready to publish your website through your own domain name (i.e., which is provided as part of the package.

You have the option to continue with a free account permanently, using the sub-domain provided ( however we don’t recommend this since it’s not the most professional look and won’t perform as well in search engines, making it much harder for potential customers to find you.

Get an affordable package with everything you expect from a quality web host

With IM Creator, you build and host your site on the same platform. The top website hosting services will typically offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and the ability to set up email addresses through your domain. IM Creator is no different. It provides you with all these services in the premium and pro plans along with a free domain, starting as low as $5.95 per month.

Mobile & SEO-Friendly Templates and Experience

You can rest assured knowing that your website plays nicely with others. IM Creator ensures that your website is SEO-friendly, so the content included will be indexed by Google and shows up competitively in search results – here are some useful guides on optimizing your website’s content for SEO.

Another key element that modern websites need to have is responsiveness and adaptability to mobile devices. IM Creator ensures that their templates are compatible with all major browsers and screen sizes so no matter what device your customers are using, they’ll see your site the way it was meant to be seen; ensuring that your content performs and converts.

Easily track the performance of your website

Of course you’ll want to know how your website is performing – how many people visit, what pages they go to, how long they stay, etc.  This information provides insight into a customer’s mind and behavior and can be tremendously helpful for identifying areas that need improvement and coming up with new ideas and promotions.

You can track all these statistics and more within the IM Creator dashboard. It provides simple graphs and numbers so you won’t get overwhelmed with all the data. After all, you are a business owner, not a statistician and need to focus on growing your business.

Get featured in the IM Creator showcase for a month

Each month, IM Creator features some of the best websites created with their platform on their website. This gives these businesses the chance to be seen by the thousands of visitors. Who knows, these could be your next customers!
Overall, we think this is one of the best ways for businesses and freelancers to get a great, unique online presence quickly and affordably. When you’re ready, head over to their website templates page and choose the one that’s suits you best, and then start experimenting with a new look for your business online. It’s risk-free and offers you the freedom to be as creative as you want to be with your brand without being too technical.

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