8 Sites to Listen To Free Music Online Without Downloading

When listening to music, it can boost the brain and mental strength. According to the studies happy or sad music affects how we see neutral faces.

We know some of you have strict morals and won’t download any kinds of music illegally. So you could prefer to listen to free music online without downloading. Here are best sites to choose.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud comes first on our list. SoundCloud is a Swedish online audio distribution platform based in Berlin, Germany, that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds.

You can listen to tons of free music on SoundCloud without downloading. We listed SoundCloud first because it’s a social network for music lovers.

2. Spotify

Spotify comes next on our list. Spotify offers a desktop software to listen to music by streaming with the possibility to create and share playlists. You can access over millions of songs instantly from old favorites to the latest hits as per your taste.

3. Last.fm

Last.fm is a music discovery service that gives you personalized recommendations based on the music you listen to owned by CBS Interactive. Last.fm is a perfect site music recommendation service which helps you discover more music based on the songs you play.

4. Pandora

If you are located U.S, Australia or in New Zealand, Pandora should be your best choice to listen to free music online without downloading. You can easily find your favorite music on Pandora easily. You just need to drop the name of one of your favorite songs, artists or genres into the site to find your favorite music.

5. Amazon Digital Music

You might be surprised by this if you are not familiar with Amazon services. If you watch the site regularly, you’ve noticed Amazon’s digital music service. Amazon has more than 50,000 free tunes on their system and the nice thing that you can listen to all music without downloading.

6. Jango

Jango comes next on our list. Jango is a free social music streaming service that allows users to create and share custom radio stations. Jango has been featured on popular blogs like Cnet, UsaToday, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

7. Smule

Smule is another free music service to listen to music online without downloading used by more than 125 million people. Smule is a music social network about creating, sharing, discovering, participating, and connecting with people. You can hear your favorite songs from Smule without SignUp to their service.

8. iHeart

iHeart comes last and final on our list. iHeart contains more than 20 million songs that make the service a favorite for the users.

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