Todoist Alternative: Here is the Best 12 for You

Todoist is a popular cloud-based task- project-management software. If you are working on a project or planning a vacation or a Team project, Todoist can help you on this.

Todoist helps you to easily share your lists and collaborate with everyone, everywhere. Todoist has a lot of advantages over similar competitors, but a major disadvantage is Todoist lies within the limitations of the free service. The major problem is there are no task reminders in the free version.

So if you are looking for Todoist alternative, you are at the right place. Today we are listing the best 11 Todoist alternatives. Here we go.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of my favourite productivity apps. To be honest, I couldn’t without it. Wunderlist is the best to-do-list app available on the planet.

Wunderlist is best because it is available everywhere. You can access it on the web, on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Tablets, etc.I didn’t even mention that it is free? Yes, Wunderlist is free to start, also gives all major features for free. Wunderlist presents a simple interface and powerful functions.

2. is a great alternative to Todoist helps you achieve anything by syncing your personal tasks, work projects, and shared lists.

You can easily attach video, audio, photo and Dropbox files to any task and share with your team.

3. Evernote

Evernote is not just a note taking app, but a perfect software to manage your life’s work. On 2013, Evernote becomes a to-do app with the launch of new Reminders feature. You can use reminders feature to manage tasks.

You can add a Reminder to a note by simply tapping on the alarm clock icon located at the top of the note on Mac and Web, and at the bottom of the note on iPhone, iPad, and on your any Android devices.

4. Asana

Asana is easy to use and comes with great privacy functions. You can share private projects with a smaller group inside your team, premium teams have the option to hide their name from the team list.

Asana is our personal favourite because it’s absolutely free for projects with up to 15 users. Asana is available for The Web, Android, and iOS.

5. Errands To Do List

Errands To-Do List comes next on our list. With the app, you can easily create Folders, Checklists, Task Images, Scheduling & Repeating, Alerts, etc. You can mail your tasks as well as entire folders.

6. Trello

Whether you’re managing a team of freelancers, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a list of stuff, Trello makes sure you’re organized and on top of it all.

Trello is a Pinterest model task project management software. It’s a list of lists filled with cards. You can drag and drop cards between lists to show progress. Trello works on all your major devices like iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8.

7. Simplenote

Like the name, Simplenote is simple to use. Simplenote is crazy fast available on iOS, Android, Macintosh, and Kindle. Simplenote is light, clean and free to use. Simplenote doesn’t allow users to upload files or images.

Your notes are backed up when you change them and stay updated on all your devices.

8. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk comes next to our list as an alternative to Todoist. Remember The Milk is an old Web-based task- and time-management service provider allows users to manage tasks from their Smartphone and Computer.

Technically Remember The Milk is free to use but if you are ready to spend near $40 for an year, you get some handy options like unlimited subtasks, unlimited sharing, better-advanced sorting, etc. Remember The Milk apps are available for Android, iOS, and Blackberry too.

9. TickTick

TickTick is my new app on the list as an alternative to Todoist. TickTick is a lightweight, powerful app that can manage your projects, household lists, grocery lists, etc.

TickTick is available on all major platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad, Web, Mac, and on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. TickTick perfectly syncs across all devices.

Technically TickTick is free but a $1.99 per month gives you more powerful features.

10. Things3

Things3 comes next into this list. Things is an award-winning personal task manager that helps you achieve your goals. The apps are available on Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. There is no app for Android or Windows devices.

11. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is the last app on our list. OmniFocus is flexible enough to be used however you want. OmniFocus for Mac, iPad, and iPhone is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to store, manage, and help you process them into actionable to-do lists. Like Things3, you can use OmniFocus on Apple devices.

12. nTask

nTask comes next into our list. It is a free online task and project management tool that build around your needs. nTask is best freelancers, students, lawyers, project managers, etc. nTask comes with awesome features such as Gantt Charts, Task Comments, Risk and Issues, Time tracking, etc.

These are our best Todoist alternative. Did we miss your favourite one? Let us know through comments.

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