Apps Like Snapchat to use in 2018

Today on, we have to list some of the best apps like Snapchat to use in 2017. These apps can be used on your Android, iPhone, and Windows devices. Here we go.

1. Slingshot

Slingshot comes first into our list. Slingshot is available for both Android and iOS devices. Slingshot allows you to send short messages as photo or video, mark it up with some colorful drawing to your friend and family members easily.

You can also vote on cards in the Community Feed where we feature some of the best Slingshots created by YOU! The feed gets updated multiple times a day, so be sure to check back often.Slingshot is not just a clone of Snapchat but comes with some interesting options.

2. Yovo

Yovo comes next into our list. You can share your group story using live shots or photos from your library. When you shared a story with your friends on Yovo, they can view the story, laugh at it, comment and even draw on it; then after 48 hours it simply disappears forever.

You can invite your friends to participate in your story by sharing or posting a link. Also, you have the option to delete your story at any time if you wish. Yovo is available for Android and iPhone.

3. Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular over 500 million people. You can share photos and videos with your friends. You can edit them with filters and creative tools and combine multiple clips into one video.

Share multiple photos and videos (as many as you want!) to your story. Bring them to life with text and drawing tools. They disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in the feed.

4. Dust

Dust features as the same as Snapchat. It will delete the message and image after reading by your friend. Messages sent on Dust automatically erase after 24 hours. A screenshot cannot prove who sent a message because names are not displayed in private chat rooms. Dust also detects and notifies you if a screenshot is taken.

5. ClipChat

ClipChat comes last into our list. You can create groups up to 200 members. You can send photos, videos, audios and messages with ClipChat. You can also send pdf, epub, doc, apk files, etc.

ClipChat Secret Chat ou can have your messages disappear from the chat screen within the time period you determine.

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