Best Password Managers for iPhone and iPad 2018

Today on, we are listing some of the best Password Managers for your iPhone and iPad. The password manager is a simple application that helps us to store and organize passwords. The Passwords you saved are encrypted and protected with a master password.

Password data base syncing is a key factor for all this. That means you saved a website’s password on your Mac and that should be sync and available on all your other devices like iPhone, iPad, PC, Android Devices, etc.

I got a personal message on Facebook. His question is which one is the best Password Manager for iPhone? Which is the best? The answer is not just for him, it’s for you all.

1. LastPass

LastPass is the best Password Manager for most people because it is free to use and the Passwords you saved will be available across all your devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, etc.

LastPass is my recommended Password Manager for you all because it is easy to use and it saves your data in the cloud. You won’t need to Install any Softwares on your devices to use LastPass. Just create an account on LastPass and install browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Internet Explorer, etc. Here we go with some of the notable features of LastPass.

  • Store all your usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts securely in your LastPass Vault
  • Sync all of your passwords and logins across all your devices for free
  • Automatically fill in your name, address, credit card info with Form Fill
  • Instantly login to websites using saved passwords and TouchID
  • Create secure passwords using the built-in password generator
  • Set custom password parameters like length, capital or lowercase letters, symbols and numbers
  •  Set passwords to be pronounceable

2. 1Password

1Password comes next into our list. 1Password is popular like LastPass but it’s not free. You can try 1Password free for 30 days then you need to but its premium version starts from $2.99 that allows you to use 1Password on all your devices.

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If you are ready to spend some amount to use a Password Manager, 1Password should be the best companion for you. Here we go with the best features of 1Password.

  • Store items like logins, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, passports, and more.
  • Fill usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and addresses into websites and supported apps
  • Create strong, unique passwords and memorizable pass-phrases for your online accounts
  • Create multiple vaults to keep different areas of your life separate
  • Unlock the app quickly and securely with Touch ID
  • Lock the app automatically to ensure your data is protected, even if your device is lost or stolen
  • Use 1Password as your authenticator: store two-factor authentication (TOTP) codes and access them quickly when it’s time to sign in

3. mSecure

mSecure comes next into our list. mSecure is not a free service you need to pay $9.99 for single device license and $29.99 for Multi-Device License. Here you are purchasing mSecure with a lifetime license. mSecure is a free download with a 30 day trial for our premium feature set.

  • Encrypts all your data using AES-256-bit encryption, which has never been cracked
  • Password Generator creates and stores random, complex, unique passwords
  • Auto-lock and Auto-backup features keeps data safe
  • Touch ID allows quick, secure access

4. Dashlane

Dashlane is a super powerful Password Manager app that helps you use your saved passwords across all your devices. Dashlane for iPhone is slightly a larger application comes 123 MB in size. You can use Dashlane on your Mac or PC for absolutely free but you need to pay to sync your account between your devices. Dashlane premium starts from $3.33 per month.

  • Sync across all of your digital devices.
  • Access your vault and digital wallet directly from the Dashlane app.
  • Access Dashlane by syncing up to your computer with improved stability.
  • Organize your credit card information.
  • Get security breach alerts to warn you when your passwords are used outside of Dashlane.

5. Keeper

Keeper comes next into our list. Keeper generates strong passwords, auto-fills passwords across your apps and sites with KeeperFill and organizes passwords on all platforms and devices. You can buy Keeper premium for $29 with additional features and unlimited sync between devices.

  • Store unlimited passwords.
  • Lock private files, photos, and videos in your vault.
  • Browse privately on a secure internet browser.
  • Share records with other Keeper users.
  • Store and organize your credit card information.
  • Two-Step Verification with SMS, Google Authenticator, Duo Security or RSA SecurID.

These are our Best Password Managers for iPhone and iPad to use in 2017.

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