Top 10 iPhone Security Apps of 2018

In this article, we bring to you the Top 10 iPhone Security Apps of 2018 that is required by every iPhone users. Your iPhone can be prone to several virus or malware, resulting in losing all your personal data. With these apps, the user can manage his accounts,s photos, and other documents. Check out below which apps may suit your necessity.

10 iPhone Security Apps to Keep Prying Eyes at Bay

The below iPhone Security apps are loaded with features that provide extra protection to your iPhone. These apps are extraordinary and help the user to enjoy personalization. Scroll down to the download link and get stress free. Jump down to acquire, secure and protect your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

#1. 1Password

With the help of this app, maintain a master password for all your accounts. The master password is strong and unique which is remembered by the 1Password app. Save all your sensitive documents, business files or personal things in one safe and secure password. With so many accounts, you don’t need to remember so many passwords. One master password for all!

Download 1Password!

#2. Keeply

The Keeply stores all your personal moments, bank details, credit cards and other sensitive documents on your phone. Hide your photos, notes, files and no-one will know about this! Yes. It has a unique feature Fake Pin which gives an alternate password to your peers which would show that the folder is empty.

Download Keeply!

#3. Lock It up!

This app secures your data with the help of a PIN number, words, Touch ID or a Finger Motion. It also allows easy backup options, Import and Export photos and much more. Safeguard all your pictures, data under with a strong password. Lock all your important data with this app!

Download Lock It Up!

#4. Nord VPN

It functions to re-route and encrypts all web traffic making connection private and safe to use. Be free to use public hotspots for online shopping or online banking. The app allows the user to use the public internet for his personal use, ensuring the safety of your data. Acess any site with the use of the public internet!

Download Nord VPN!

#5. Mynigma

This is an email security app that protects all your email between the mynigma users. The fast, lightweight and efficient app is useful to protect your messages such that all your email.

Download Mynigma!

#6. Knock 2.0

This app is remote to your Mac, just double click on your iPhone and your Mac locked automatically. An Apple watch can also be instead. An early shutdown of your Mac can drain less battery. This simple app is user-friendly and efficient IOS app that ensures unlocking your Mac faster and help secure your iPhone devices.

Download Knock 2.0!

#7. iTorChat

This is a decentralized, encrypted messaging app that is a cross-platform texting app.It sends all messages over Tor network, which is the popular encrypted internet browser. The app is a safe way to have a private communication.        It also enables IOS multitasking support and gives a secure communication channel.

Download iTorChat!

#8. Signal Messenger

Signal Messenger is a messaging and voice calling app. this end-to-end encryption provides safe and secured texting between two parties. The user can chat in real time and also share media privately. The app allows you to text in a private encrypted group chat. Text, share and voice call with your friends instantly and with full protection.

Download Signal Messenger!

#9. Zero

This security app has a smart and secure email and calendar. The important emails are shown always at the top so that you don’t waste your time in searching. It equips with email statistics, performance and suggests ways improve it. Designed with an inbuilt calendar so that you don’t need to switch over and over again. Also, options in email templates are provided to work efficiently.

Download Zero!

#10. Wire

The Wire is an end-to-end messenger for calling, chatting, sending pictures, videos, files, GIFs and even sketches! It keeps your chat in sync. Privatize your chats. Continue secure group chats with 128 people. Messaged in the wrong group? Not to worry, you can delete it from all receiving devices. GIFs, video or audio messages make it more fun, not forgetting the safety part of it!

Download Wire!

Wrapping up!

All these apps have one thing in common, safe and secure transaction of messages or sending GIFs! Acquire some of the above best iPhone security apps that ensure safe and secure apps to safeguard your personal data. Download your favourite iPhone app and experience safety.

Author Bio:  Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.

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