Delete all Photos from Google Photos 2019

Today on, we are going to look at to delete all photos from Google Photos easily. Google Photos is one of the popular photo storage and sharing service from Google was announced in May 2015.

One of the highlights why Google Photos used by millions of users because you can back up photos and videos for free, up to 16MP and 1080p HD. It will be safe and always with you.

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Delete all Photos from Google Photos

If your Google Photos is flooded with tons of photos or you no longer need your photos saved to be in Google Photos, you have the option to delete all photos from Google Photos. Here we are going to show you 3 methods to delete all photos from Google Photos.

Method 1, Through Google Drive

  1. Go to Google Drive
  2. Open settings
  3. Turn ON the option to show Google Photos
  4. Find Google Photos folder in Google Drive
  5. Go to each individual folder and delete the images
  6. Empty Google Drive trash

This is one of the best methods to delete all photos from Google Photos.

Method 2, Using Google Photos App

  1. Open Google Photos App from your smartphone
  2. Tap Photos from the bottom
  3. Touch and hold the Photos to delete
  4. Select any other items you want to move to trash
  5. At the top right, Tap trash

Method 3, Using Google Photos from the Web

  1. Open Google Photos
  2. Click on “Albums” from the left side
  3. Move your mouse cursor to the album and click the three dots from the album top corner
  4. Click Delete album

Here you are deleting photo albums. You need to delete photos one by one using the same method.

You can delete photos by opening google photos webpage holding shift and selecting the first photos’ check mark. Next, select the last photo’s check mark, then release shift. This will allow you to select photos in bulk and delete. Then click the trash icon from the upper right corner.

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