Free Dropbox Alternative 2019

Today on, we bring you some of the best Dropbox alternatives to try in 2019. I know you won’t need any more introductions to the world’s most popular, user-friendly cloud storage service Dropbox.

Dropbox comes with a 2GB of storage for all users but you can earn some additional spaces through completely simple tasks and also you can earn more space by referring your friends to Dropbox. It’s not just for signup, but You’ll get a 500 MB bonus only when they install Dropbox on their computer.

Free Dropbox Alternatives 2019

If you are looking for Dropbox alternatives to save their precious files and documents, you are in the right place. Here we go with some of the best Dropbox alternatives to try in 2019.

1. pCloud

pCloud comes first our list. Like any other cloud storage service, you can store your videos, your favourite music, and personal and work documents to pCloud. You can also share that files with your friends,  family, coworkers, and partners. The difference from other clouds is that pCloud DOES NOT take space on your computer.

pCloud can share files and folders even with users that are not pCloud users. There is no file size limit. pCloud has a Built-in audio and video players so you can stream music or video. One of the highlights of pCloud is it can backup accounts from Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa.

You will get 10GB free space while you enter pCloud and you can earn some more space by referring other to pCloud and doing some simple tasks like connecting Facebook account, Backup Instagram photos, Backup Picasa photos to pCloud.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of my favourite cloud storage service and a perfect alternative to the Dropbox. Google Drive is a good productivity suite that comes with cloud space, google docs, google sheets, google forms, presentation, etc. Google Drive comes with a 15GB free cloud space for all users that will count towards your Gmail attachments.

3. is one of the rare cloud storage that ensures 100% private cloud zero-knowledge storage platform guarantees your privacy by providing end-to-end encryption, and only you have access to the keys.

It gives a clean 5GB of free space for all for the lifetime. You can upgrade to Sync Pro at any time for additional features and space.

4. is an enterprising secure file sharing and collaboration that gives a clean 10GB of free storage for all users. Box is not just a place to save and share your files, but also you can create, edit and review documents with others in real-time from anywhere, on any device.

5. OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive comes next into our list as an alternative to Dropbox. OneDrive comes with a 5GB of free space for all users. OneDrive is pre-installed on Windows 10, enabling your documents and photos to be saved to OneDrive automatically.

OneDrive is a productivity suite similar to Google Drive where you can collaborate with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Microsoft Office 365 comes with 1 TB of storage and the full installed Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your PC, Mac, or iPad.

6. Mega

Mega offers a clean 50GB of free cloud storage space for all its users. Mega gives importance to privacy. Your data in Mega is encrypted and decrypted during your client devices, not by Mega team. Mega is one of the rare cloud storage service providers that give password protection for free to your files while sharing with others.

7. Degoo

Degoo comes next into our list. You will get a massive 100 GB free cloud storage while you sign up for the service. You can back up your photos or docs and we store it all securely in Degoo’s cloud drive. Degoo claims that encrypts all your stuff using military-grade encryption before uploading them to the cloud drive. This ensures that all your files are stored securely with maximum privacy.

There are hundreds of cloud storage service available on the web. Some come with Terra Bytes of storages for free might be some exchange with privacy, I don’t know. Anyway, these are our recommended Dropbox alternatives to use in 2019. If we missed your favourite one, let us know through comments.

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