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Mohammed Anzil | Social Positives - Part 134

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Twitter Testing ‘Retweet with Comment’

Micro-blogging platform Twitter is always testing something for their users, now testing a new experiment 'Retweet with Comment.' Also Twitter is experimenting a couple visual experiments underway. The news first reported on Mashable says 'Retweet with Comment' surfaces the retweeted message as an image, leaving users with just under 140-characters to share their own thoughts.' SEE ALSO: How to Delete ...

Is it the Right Time Ditch your Wallet for Mobile Payments?

Whether it is a Louis Vuitton or a classic leather piece from your latest thrift spree, a Pew research says wallets are going to be obsolete by 2020. Consumers have been on the cusp of making purchases with a tap on their smartphones rather than the traditional paper and plastic. For years we have expectantly ...

Top 7 Trusted Pay Per Download Websites

Pay per download, that you will get paid for every download through your referrals. Lot of pay per download websites are available on the web, but which is legitimate? Here we are listing the best 7 pay per download websites with great features to make some extra money through your website. 1. DollarUpload One of the worlds ...

Nest Acquired Dropcam for $555 Million

The Google owned California headed home automation company Nest Lab acquired video-monitoring start up Dropcam. Nest labs acquired Dropcam for a deal worth of $555 million in cash. Nest Labs officially announced on their blog says  'Although this was a big decision for us, it wasn’t a difficult one to make. Before deciding to extend an ...

Facebook Vs. Google: Who will win the Tech Cold War?

Who is winning the war? The cold war? Facebook or Google. At earlier the tech world thinks that there is only war for Facebook against Google just in social networking platform. But now its really not. Google and Facebook are spending billions on apps and specialists to take control over the digital world. They are acquiring ...

Twitter Acquires Cloud-based Live Video Platform SnappyTV

Twitter acquires cloud-based live video platform SnappyTV. SnappyTv is used for clipping, editing and sharing videos clips from live broadcasts in near real-time. SmappyTV was founded in 2010. In an official announcement Twitter says that 'One of the best ways to follow events as they unfold is through real-time videos on Twitter. As we continue to invest ...

Top 7 Android Tablets with Call Facility in India for June 2014

Wide range of tablets are launched so far by manufacturers in 2014. At basic lot of users are divided tablets in to two just a tablet and tablet with call facility. Voice calling featured tablets are giving enhanced experience to the users. So today we are sharing top 7 Android Tablets with call facility in India ...