Top Tips for Making a Killer YouTube Video

With the concept of video marketing constantly on the rise, it may be something that you are considering, either for your business or as a personal channel as a hobby. Whichever way you decide to take on video-making and creating an online presence for yourself through that particular medium, it is clear that it can do your brand the world of good. It has been said that online video could become the future of content marketing and it has even been predicted that, by 2017, around 70% of consumer internet traffic will be in video form.

Sites such as YouTube or Vimeo are growing in popularity for businesses and consumers alike as a platform for sharing valuable content and sending out the desired message in a new and innovative way. Online video is becoming more popular with marketers as its potential is becoming unlocked. Video is a creative method to inform and entertain no matter what your end goal may be.

Video can become a way to build on your branding and advertising campaigns, if done correctly and successfully. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, it can be difficult for your videos to stand out and do their job. Here’s a few tips to help you improve your videos on YouTube!


One of the most important things to consider when making a YouTube video is how it is going to stand out. There could be hundreds of other videos out there that are doing a similar thing to you and with an audience as big as YouTube’s, you need a way to be above the rest.

Thinking outside the box to come up with creative ideas, writing down any idea that pops into your head and utilising what you have around you are all ways to increase your creativity. Be confident in your ideas, trust yourself to take a risk every now and again and before you know it you’ll have a brilliant collection of YouTube videos for your audience.


It may be worth considering optimising your video to ensure it is seen by the right people – if content isn’t being watched or read by your target audience then there seems little point in making it.

The right title, description and even tags all play a part in optimising your YouTube video before it is let loose on the web. Picking the right keywords to include in the content when uploading your video must be considered if you want a successful viewing rate. Snappy titles that summarise exactly what the video is about will hopefully bring in viewers, along with any important information being included at the beginning of the description.

Long-tail keywords and the placement of your keywords in the content surrounding your video can make a huge difference to its success.

Call to Action

More often than not, there is a particular reason you are posting your video. Whether you want people to sign up to your channel, visit your website or maybe even share your video, make it known. A call to action placed somewhere in your video can ensure better success and prompts your audience to do something in return. A call to action button will also allow you measure the progress and see if your video campaign is effective.

Video is now a strong way to get across your message and it may even be worth looking at a creative agency, such as Creative Spark, to help you begin your journey to creating a successful and engaging video campaign.

Author Bio: Tom is working in the digital marketing sector for past 15 years, specialising in eCommerce and branding. He is also associated with Creative Spark, a branding, digital and advertising company in its core marketing team. He is passionate about helping businesses build and enhance their online presence as well as writing useful content that resonates with business owners.

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