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Must-have SEO tactics in 2018

There are many changes taking place in many spheres of marketing, and SEO is no stranger to change. Some of the best marketing strategies that worked last year may not work today, and may even hurt your business. It is paramount to be at the top of your game so that you can match your ...

Details That Matter When You’re Doing SEO

Despite being one of the oldest tricks in the internet marketing book, search engine optimization or SEO is still the go-to strategy in most campaigns. Over 70% of today’s internet users find information using search engines, so not doing SEO correctly would be a big mistake. It is also not a secret that details matter when ...

Determining Keywords Efficiency With the Help of SEO and Call Tracking Tools

In this post, Julia Holovko, CMO at Ringostat, and Eleonora Zolotaryova, Content Marketer at Serpstat will describe the strategy of discovering efficient keywords and testing them to understand if they are bringing conversions. These days, the ability to conduct an effective keyword research is critical for digital marketers. It’s a must not only for developing a ...

SEO for Beginners: How to Optimize Your Content for Search

SEO Specialist is a person who makes the site more useful and user-friendly. It helps the user to find simple high-quality information in a global network of open spaces effortlessly. So, the search engine finds information and SEO specialists help it understand how to find this information. It also helps owners of the websites to ...

Vital SEO Strategies for 2017 (Updated)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an extremely integral part of social media. If you are handling your SEO with efficiency it can only result into a considerable amount of revenue for your brand and business. This is not a one-time thing, but an on-going process that needs to be initiated time and again. If ...

SEO Basics: How to Optimize Site for Search Engines

Websites are arguably the best tools for any business venture in order to become successful in this competitive environment. When it comes to on-line businesses, the key to make more money and getting famous is to drive massive traffic to your website. Most website owners nowadays are exploiting the power of Search Engine Optimization to ...