15 Best Chrome extensions for SEO, Blogging and Social Media

Working over the internet and successfully is no longer a thing of the future. In the last couple of years becoming an influencer in any area on World Wide Web pretty much means becoming accomplished in your career. Being good at what you do doesn’t mean having to be boxed off in your office, but has become more flexible thanks to the internet.

Blogging and SEO are very lucrative areas you can invest yourself in these day if you are willing to learn and constantly evolve with the job. Naturally, a lot of your success will solely depend on yourself, but there are definitely some tools that can help you along the way. Today we’ll discuss some of the most practical and very much needed Chrome extensions and apps that can be of great help to you if you are involved with either leading your own blog or delving into SEO expertise.

1. StayFocusd

We’ll start with apps that aren’t directly connected to your job but are very much significant for forming good habits. StayFocusd is made to help you manage your time efficiently, a skill that many of us don’t possess. What you need to do is make a list of websites and set the time you want to spend on them during the day. After your time is up, the extension will block the websites, so that you can’t spend any more time on them, and you can work without distractions.

2. Web Timer

Similarly to StayFocusd, this app will improve your productivity, though in a slightly different manner. Web timer will provide you with information how much time you’ve spent on the internet, and how much of it was wisely spent or not.  If the majority of your work is online, then you’re just as tempted to spend a lot of time procrastinating, but this app has charts showing just how much of your time you wasted away.

3. Note AnyWhere

Now we come to the apps that will, in general, be beneficial for people who are fond of multitasking, but still need all the help they can get. Note AnyWhere enables you to put your reminders all over the internet, on any website and even browsers. Basically, you can make the internet your post-it board, so that whenever you open a certain website, your note will pop up and remind you of whatever it is you wanted to do there.

4.   Chrome Notepad

If you are not the sort of person that brings a little notebook everywhere you go, then Chrome Notepad extension will help you scribble down any ideas you might have on the go. There isn’t much to say here if you’ve got this app on your phone, you don’t have to meddle with creating a new document every time an idea comes to your head, you can simply write it down here and take a look at it later on any device.

5. Scribble Toolbar

If you are fond of singling out useful information you find on a certain website by highlighting it on the spot, then this is the extension for you. You can use different colors to mark important parts of articles, texts and anything else that can be found on the internet, and it will wait for you when you come back so that you don’t have to skim through large chunks of text all over again. SEO workers might find this particularly useful because of the very long texts they often read, which concern the latest SEO strategies and innovations.

6. Grammarly Spell Checker

If you raised an eyebrow seeing this on our list, think again. Whether you’re in blogging or in SEO, you can be well assured that your writing skills must be as close to perfection as possible. Grammarly is to the date the best app to help you in this task, and a task you should take seriously because of the only way your readers can learn about who you are is through your writing.

7. Evernote

Evernote will do for you the service that somewhat resembles press clipping, only with your websites of interest. Whatever topic you find interesting and important can be stored in the Evernote with very little effort, and those website clippings will be at your disposal whenever you need them.

8. URL Shortener

This tool will come in handy, if not indispensable for people dealing with SEO or blogging. Even though there are websites that deal with shortening of the URLs, you can do it now much quicker and much simpler by having the extension at your disposal. Being effective and “light on your fingers” is crucial on the internet, so you want to save as much time as you can.

9. Ninja Outreach Lite

Now, let’s discuss some more of the point extensions that can be convenient to use in blogging, in social media, and in SEO. Ninja Outreach app is excellent and much recommended forlink building and all that entitles. Link building has become the priority number one in SEO, and you can be sure that it will help with your blogging tendencies as well. This extension offers you a database of four million influential individuals in different areas of expertise, your job is to decide which are the ones you want to connect with.

10. AdBlock

Let’s talk about security and privacy for a moment. AdBlock is one of the most useful extensions you can find these days that will do just what its name suggests – it will block all those peeving ads. While this will be of great help to your nerves, it will also help with your privacy, which is particularly important in SEO work. Ads are viruses and adware problems waiting to happen, and adware often collects your private and marketing related information, so that it can throw personalized ads at you. AdBlock is a great way to start, but you should also think about more serious forms of protection, such as private proxies or VPNs.

11. AddThis

The more you can make your website expeditious, the better. Different buttons that serve as shortcuts on certain webpages will prove most convenient, if they work properly. AddThis enables you to easy and for free add functional and well-designed buttons to your website, which will directly help your users to have a better experience. You can choose to put in related posts column, share buttons and follow buttons, all in a few clicks.

12. SEO Site Tools

This extension will be equally useful for both bloggers and SEO workers because its scope concerns both niches equally. These tools will be beneficial for you in terms of your more profound knowledge of how SEO foundations of your website/blog work and if they need some improving. You’ll know exactly how your website performs, what is the state of your domain and server, as well as how external page data looks like.

13. Page Analytics by Google

One of the go-to tools of practically any SEO worker, Google Page Analytics may sometimes be a bit difficult to understand, but once you do, you’ll have invaluable information concerning your website visits and visitors. It will show you exact data of what page or a piece of content attracts most intention in your readers/users, as well as the number of unique page views and the time visitors spend on your website. After you know all this, you know what you need to do to make your website’s performance even better.

14. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Backlinks are another important part of SEO you always need to be aware of. Backlink Analyzer provides you with details of how functional your backlinks are, and what’s more, you can test backlinking on other websites as well, and maybe steal a few tricks on how to do it right.

15. Page Speed Insights

Speed is everything on the internet. Even if you’ve got amazing content to share with the world, it won’t matter if your website takes ages to load. Our attention spans are decreasing by the year, so you better be sure that your website’s loading speed is on point. You’ll get intel on the state of your server through this extension as well, and it will also show you how you can fix different problems to get optimal website performance.

You don’t have to use all of aforementioned extensions, of course, they are but a starting point to hint to you what can be found out there and how you can use it to your best advantage. – by Adam Ferraresi.

adam 2 (1)Author Bio – Web development has always been something Adam was passionate about, and it is from his passion that he’s making his living. Thanks to the vast knowledge of internet trends and its constant changes, Adam often writes popular articles for wefollowtech.com. He’s a born and raised Texan, with his residence in Dallas.

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