Review: Ordered 15 Articles, Here’s What I Got

For a startup like mine which needs its content demands met on a regular basis, this wonderful site called Contentmart was an obvious find.  This write-up details in brief my experience with the site. I have got around 15-20 articles written by various freelancer writers in India, web content copywriters abroad and other content writers in India registered on this site.


I couldn’t afford to employ a full-time content writer in my office despite having regular content writing jobs.  Contentmart has proven to be a great proxy and it also spares me the trouble of hiring, maintaining and retaining a regular employee.

The best thing about Contentmart is that I could decide on the prices when putting up the order. I was always able to find freelancer writers that fit into my budget. Whatever the order price I put up was, they were freelancer writers bidding on it.


Contentmart boasts of a large number of freelancer writers in India, web content copywriters and other content writers in India registered on the site to get content writing jobs. Irrespective of the time I put up a work in, a large number of bids start to pour in within moments. I was shocked seeing the number of bids on a work I had put up at 2 am. Contentmart is a very active platform.

I could choose the freelancer writers based on their rating and reviews. I could read the works in their portfolio and gauge their writing skills and figure out their experience in my niche. Another great feature the site packs is that there are site-certified verified writers and you can be assured about getting high quality results.  The chat feature was an added bonus and I could message and interact with the writer before awarding him the project.

Freelancer writers specializing on various niches are available on the site. The 15 articles I have got done include blog posts, articles and even some creative writing for my enterprise. For a set of particular articles with some high budget to spare, I was able to find an expert SEO writer on the site who even helped rank my website.


Another great thing about the site is the full refund option it provides if the work does not meet your requirements or quality standard. Minor glitches can be delegated back to the writer for revisions.  But, if the quality is too poor, you are allowed to reject the same. Of the 15 articles I got done, I have had a quality issue with only one of the works. And at that time, I was able to reject the work with no hassles and the money got refunded back to my Contentmart account. I am very satisfied with the general quality of the work and all my requirements are met by the writers.


I could decide on the deadline when the work should be submitted. Though writers are allowed to negotiate on it, clients have the final say. You can cancel the project if the deadline isn’t kept and your money would be refunded.


The site has a simple, cozy design and is really easy to use. From my personal experience and the general positive opinion about it, Contentmart is the best place to get your content writing jobs done. Go ahead and hire freelancer writers in India, web content copywriters and other talented content writers in India and from around the globe and you can be assured of quality work!

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