How Task Management Tools can Make Life easy for Bloggers

Being a blogger comes with its own set of responsibilities. As easy as it may sound managing blogging related work is not very simple. Before you know, you are lost into a web of emails, countless blogs and images to go with those blogs, and what not.  

So, if you are a blogger, it’s high time that you switched from the conventional pen and paper to a more sophisticated way of managing tasks and responsibilities. But why? Why use a task management tool? Exactly how can it help bloggers in easing the burden off their shoulders? How can it simplify your life and avoid the scope of mismanagement? Let’s take a look –  
Visualize your schedule more clearly

Simply noting down the details of tasks in a notepad is not an ideal way of managing stuff. Trying to keep track of milestones, tasks, blog post titles, notes, etc. can cause complete mental chaos. There is a limit to how much the human mind can memorize, especially when you are already consumed between numerous work related details. When you use a task management tool like ProofHub, you can give structure to your schedule and connect all the dots for things to make sense. It makes you more organized and aware of everything instead of feeling lost between a pool of countless little details. This whole thing kind of clears your head so you can stay better focussed on more important agendas.

Better time management

Time is of the essence. Bloggers, in particular, need to be aware of how their time gets distributed throughout the day. Task management tools come with time tracking features that would keep you informed of how much time each of the activities is taking to complete from beginning to the end. You can then see for yourself whether the important tasks are getting the due amount of your time or less important tasks are consuming more of your time? And, based on this you can decide on what time-management practices you need to integrate in work routine for improving your productivity levels.

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Set dependencies between tasks

Setting dependencies is one of the smarter approaches to better project planning. It’s particularly helpful in long-term projects, for you can be better prepared in advance for whatever is due next in the series. As a blogger, you may sometimes have to work on long term projects that comprise a series of processes distributed over a long duration. For instance, a typical project could include launching a new blog site, publishing content, followed by its marketing. The whole process is sequential and in flow. You cannot complete the second task before the first in series has been done. That’s what a task management tool, with features like Gantt Chart, will do – it lets you set dependencies between tasks so they can see the progress in a clearer way.

Collaborate with other bloggers

You may be working in collaboration with other bloggers. What if you need to constantly stay in conversation with them for discussing stuff? E-mails or even phone calls are not the most ideal way to go about it. Only a good task management tool would offer a perfect exhibit to connect and collaborate with others virtually. You can exchange ideas with those who are important for your work without too many distractions or unnecessary confusion. Task management tools are perfect for initiating online discussions. And, the best part is that the discussion threads will always be there, so you can always go back just in case you need to refer to something from the past.

A common place for storing all your assets

Everything related to blogging is an asset whether it is a draft, or a post, an image to go with it. Why use one software for storing images, another for noting down the ideas, and something else for your drafts/posts, when one tool can do the job of many? Using different tools for each task will only cause crowding of software and scatter your data here and there. But, with a task management tool, all of your crucial data and information stays safe, secure, and in one place. Every time you need to access something, you know exactly where to go instead of looking for it in ten different places. A total time saver for those who are always working by the deadlines.

Integrates work schedule into calendar 

As a blogger you might always have a lot on your plate. Your schedule can sometimes be jam-packed making it hard to remember and take care of deadlines. With a task management tool you can be sure to never miss on anything important. With features like creating tasks, to-do lists, setting milestones, and similar others, forgetting important events would be simply impossible. You can create your work calendar and set reminders for every important activity. The fact that most of the blogging work is timeline-driven makes it all the more important to have every event at your fingertips. What better way to ensure that than to have a good task management tool at hands?

Once you start using a task management tool, confusion and complexity in handling work will be the last thing you would have to worry about as a blogger. All you need is to get hands on a good task management tool that caters to your work style and would help you make your work life easier.

Author Bio – Shikha Menwal is a writer works at ProofHub. Her academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. From lifestyle to technology, and management, etc. She has written about myriad of industries in her writing career during the last three years. In her free time she loves to watch comedy shows and read spiritual journalism.

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