I Forgot my Gmail Password – How to Reset

I Forgot my Gmail Password – What I want to do now? How to reset it? We all have a lot of passwords on different sites and it’s hard to remember each and every password.

It’s hard to find someone online who don’t have a Gmail Account. If you’ve forgotten your Gmail password, Google provides several options to recover it. Here are the steps to reset your Gmail password.

Reset Gmail Password

1. Go to Google Account Recovery Page

2. Select I don’t know my password.

Select I don’t know my password and give the email address that you are trying to recover. If you don’t remember your Gmail address, select I don’t know my username.

3. Enter the Last Password that you remember.

Entering your last known password can help you to do the recovery process. If you don’t know the last password you remember, select I don’t know.

4. Choose the Recovery Option

You can choose different recovery options to recover your password. You can get a verification code on your registered mobile phone as a text message or as an automated phone call.

If you can’t access to your phone, click “I can’t access my Phone“. The next option is to reset your password using your recovery email.

If you don’t have a recovery email, you will be taken to the account retrieval survey.

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