Enjoy Todoist Premium for Free (Updated 2018)

When it comes task management, I prefer to use two apps one is Wunderlist and another one is Todoist. Wunderlist is the best choice for most people because you will get maximum features if you never subscribed to the pro version. The pro version gives you a handful features like unlimited file size uploading, unlimited assign to-dos, unlimited subtasks etc.

When the matter comes to Todoist, you should subscribe to the premium version even if you want to the basic features like push notification and reminders.

If you already know about Todoist and would like to try their service for free, this is the right time. Yes, you will get a 3 Months of Todoist premium for absolutely free.

Get Todoist Premium for Free Now

1. Go to Todoist Redeem

2. Please enter the code “Skillshare2018” to redeem your Todoist Premium upgrade.

That’s it. You have successfully upgraded to the premium version of Todoist.

Todoist Premium Benefits

  • Comments and file attachments
  • Unlimited reminders
  • Location alerts
  • Automatic backups
  • Improved label system
  • Custom filters
  • Task search
  • Track your productivity
  • Access tasks via iCalendar
  • Add emails as tasks
  • Project templates

Hope this helps you to enjoy Todoist Premium for free.

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