How to Sarahah on Snapchat

How to Sarahah on Snapchat – Today on, we are looking checking how to Sarahah on Snapchat? Sarahah is the latest anonymous messaging app to blow up on the App Store’s download charts.

Simply it is an app that lets you Get honest feedback from your coworkers and friends.Anyone can comment about your work, business, and character if you allow them. Yes, the comments are anonymous.

We already published some Sarahah alternatives on our blog.

How to Sarahah on Snapchat

If you are looking to Sarahah on Snapchat, you are at the right place. you can’t directly link Sarahah to Snapchat, you can easily share posts between the two apps.

Any Snapchat users with a Sarahah account can simply include the link to their profile, which is their username followed by

Here is how to do that.

  1. On the right-hand side of a new snap, tap there.
  2. you have the option to add things like text and emojis.
  3. Click on the paper clip icon that takes users to a clipboard.
  4. You can paste a link to attach to a new post.
  5. The post will be sent as a direct message or added to their Snapchat story.

Now the users can see the option to “Swipe Up” to access it. Hope this helps you to  Sarahah on Snapchat.

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