Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2018

We have some of the major new releases from Apple this year and iPhone 8 is among the best of them. There are many new features introduced to Apple’s new line of iPhones and these new models have really marked something memorable in the history of iPhones. As important as these iPhones are, there is still the need of having some of the best iPhone 8 apps that you can download and run on your device. So, let’s take a look at top 10 best iPhone 8 apps to download in 2017 without wasting any time at all.

1. Viewster

Viewster is one of the best iPhone Apps for Movies out there that gives you access to not just free Anime but also many popular TV shows and movies. The app offers ad-supported content and there are commercials at the start of the videos as well as in the middle. What is so different about this app is that the TV shows and movies that are featured in it are foreign-language originals which haven’t been released in theatres yet or have not been aired on TV channels.

2. 1Password

Featured on many top 10 lists, 1 Password gives you a free option for keeping your digital security foolproof. Make unique passwords for any web service or app/account that you use and there is no need to remember all of them. Just put your login details inside 1 Password app and lock it with a password that you can easily remember. You will be able to access all your accounts by simply revealing their login details from 1 Password app and enjoy maximum security in today’s digital world that is full of scams. Your iPhone app also syncs with the desktop version to make sure everything remains safe and secure.

3. Microsoft To-Do

No matter what you do, you really have to keep some to-do lists ready in order to stay organized. With everything written in a proper list, you never miss out on an important task that you have to do. Wunderlist used to be a popular choice for iPhone users and it was acquired by Microsoft a few years back. They came up with Microsoft To-Do that is beautifully designed, an easy-to-use application offering cross-platform compatibility as well as deadline reminders.

4. ly

Partly a video editing application and partly a social network, allows you to star yourself in and prepare some amazing music videos of your own. It rose to popularity back in 2015, especially in teens, and continues to grow in popularity ever since. Recently, it partnered with Apple to integrate their music catalog into it. It gives you access to some of the most popular music albums and songs that you’ve always loved right on your new iPhone.

5. Empower

It can quickly become hectic to track all your credit cards, bank accounts and the same. However, Empower is there to help you clean up all that mess with its money management capabilities. It organizes your money matters in a way that everything starts making sense for you when it comes to your finances. You can track spending according to categories, and you can set it up to automatically transfer a part of your total income into a savings account. It even lets you transfer funds between accounts in different banks. Your ultimate finance manager, empower gives you everything you really need.

6. Clips

Clips are the latest app for video editing from Apple and it really feels like iPhone’s camera is naturally evolving. With Clips app, you can now be able to stitch your videos and photos together and add different elements to them including text, filters, and emoji. Even though there are many apps out there that already offer such capabilities, but Apple’s Clips really do it more intelligently as far as adding captions is concerned. When shooting videos, users can dictate the subtitles and they are added automatically by the app.

7. Sprinkles

Microsoft makes captioning photos easier than ever with its Sprinkles app. The app actually makes use of machine learning for generating filters depending on what is featured in the photo, day of the week, as well as several other factors. A few of them include the filters which can make guesses about your age and tell you the celebrity you resemble. You even get a description detailing exactly why you got a particular suggestion on top of the screen. It helps you to leave your feedback regarding whether the app was accurate in its suggestions or not.

8. Runtasty

Runtastic, which we all know for its health and fitness benefits, recently launched a nutrition and recipe app for the iPhone users as well. The app is named Runtasty and it gives you access to over 40 recipes that can help you fulfill your health and nutrition goals. Though the selection of recipes offered by the app is fairly limited compared to what others in same domain have to offer, the app actually shines when it comes to its filters selection. With all the filters available in the app, you can easily find meals that are targeted towards your specific dietary requirements, such as post-workout, low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free, etc.

9. Mobile Passport

If you travel internationally often, you’d never want to find yourself stuck in those customs lines after your long and hectic flights. Well, you can avoid all that with one travel hack i.e. Mobile Passport application from US Customs & Border Protection. When you are on your way, just open the app on your iPhone and answer some simple questions. After landing on any of the 23 selected airports, you’ll see a special lane for Mobile Passport users which is always way shorter than the regular customs lanes and you can get yourself cleared from there. It’s as simple as that.

10. Enlight

It can sometimes be messy and challenging to edit your photos right on your mobile device. However, the task becomes simpler with Enlight as compared to any other photo editing applications out there. The app combines some of the most powerful tools available with a few simple controls in the bid to offer you a better experience while editing your photos on your new iPhone. There are masking features, filters, color & tone controls and various other important tools for photo editing. The app even allows you to overlay several photos to have double-exposure effect.

So, there are plenty of wonderful applications that iPhone users can try out in 2017 on their new landmark iPhones. If you have ordered one as well, try a few of these wonderful apps on your new little gadget.

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