EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: No More Worries about Data Loss in Offices!

Working in the office means dealing with all types of data. You may have to work with PDF files, MS Office files, images, scanned documents, emails, AutoCAD designs, database files, and other software files. Whatever types of files your work involves, there is always the risk of your data getting lost. Even the backups on servers, hard drives, external hard drives, and USB drives are prone to risks. You will realize that you need much more than just an anti-virus program and backup system to ensure total data protection. You will need a real backup system behind all these systems data recovery software that can recover any lost data. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a proven and trusted program that can recover your lost data from any internal or external storage medium.

With this data recovery software free, you can recover data lost due to any reason. This includes data lost due to formatting, deletion or virus attacks.

Ease of Use

As its name suggests, this powerful data recovery software is easy to use. It takes you through simple three steps to get your data back from any storage device ranging from a PC or Mac to a USB drive to a digital camera or phone. The 3 steps involved are:

  • Launching the software
  • Scanning the storage medium
  • Recovering the required files

Recover Data from Any Device

As already mentioned, you can use this data recovery software free to get your data from any system that has a storage medium and can be connected to a PC or Mac. It is available for both Windows and Mac versions.

  • PC Data Recovery: If the data has been lost from a hard drive, PC’s SSD, an external hard drive, a laptop, or server, this program can recover it in just 3 steps. Don’t worry if the drive has been formatted, suffers malware attack or if there is a lost partition. Your documents and files are recoverable with this powerful application.
  • Memory Cards & USB Drives: Memory cards and USB drives are the most commonly used portable storage systems. Losing data from them is considered to be a permanent loss in offices. However, that is not the actual case. You can recover that data using this data recovery program. Whether the data was on an SD card, MicroSD card, CF card, flash drive, USB drive, or pen drive, it can be recovered. Don’t worry about losing your presentations, spreadsheets, database backups or any other documents.

Lost data from your server or RAID? EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover data from even a server.

Easy to Use & Quick

This software allows you to recover data by following a simple process. You don’t need to have any earlier data recovery experience. There is no complex coding. The software will take you through a step by step process. It can run both quick scan and deep scan to find your lost documents.

Once it has run the scan, the program will provide a preview. You can select the files that need to be recovered or recover everything. The program also supports dozens of languages. If your language is not included, you can even ask the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard team to translate the software to make the process easier for you. This is why this application is used globally.

Whether you have lost your data due to accidental deletion, a corrupt storage device, formatting, malware attack or any other reason, it recoverable with this data recovery software. Office documents can be extremely valuable. Losing data can mean both financial and legal repercussions. But if you have an EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard account, you will no longer have to worry about any kind of data loss.

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