How to Fix iPhone Error 56 while Updating or Restoring

Error 56 is a common issue faced by iPhone users; therefore, in this post, the same error is addressed with some workaround solutions.

 How to fix iPhone Error 56 while updating or restoring?

Many iPhone/iPad users have experienced error 56 while updating or restoring their iOS devices. Error 56 prevents updating and restoring of iOS devices and sometimes, may also lead to data loss. The error 56 interrupts the update process and prompts users to connect their iOS devices to iTunes to restore and once the connection to iTunes is established, they get notified that the restore process has failed.

iPhone Error 56
Indicative Image. Figure 1.1 illustrates the error 56 message

Generally, the best course of action to fix error 56 is to first, make sure that you have the backup of all your files then implement most appropriate methods to fix iPhone error 56. If you don’t have the backup, still you can recover your data via an iPhone data recovery software but that comes later in the picture.

How to fix iPhone error 56?

You can try these methods to fix iPhone error 56.

Method #1: Update iTunes

If you’re not using the latest version of iTunes, then it’s time to update it. Get the latest version of iTunes for your Mac and Windows.

Method #2: Update iOS device on your system

Connect your iOS device to your Mac or Windows, install updates available for iTunes on your system and then try to restore the iOS device and fix the iPhone 56 error.

Method #3: Update your iPhone/iPad in DFU Mode

Try updating your iPhone in DFU Mode and launch iTunes. In DFU Mode, iOS device can still access iTunes but prevents the Operating System to load. Follow these methods to update your iPhone in DFU Mode:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your system and restart it
  2. Press and hold the Home button and the On/Off button until you see the Apple logo
  • Release the On/Off button but keep pressing the Home button
  1. If the screen stays black, you have entered the DFU Mode
  2. Open iTunes, press SHIFT key and click Restore to restore the firmware

Method #4: Close third-party applications

Close or uninstall unnecessary and third-party application as one of the reason could be the conflict of software. You might need to uninstall or update software to fix iPhone error 56. Close such programs and then update your iOS.

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Method #5: Check your connections again

Ensure that the USB port, cable, system, and connection are in proper working condition. Connect the iOS device to other USB port and then restore your device with iTunes backup.

Method #6: Leverage an iPhone data recovery software

As mentioned in the beginning, there is a probability that you might lose your important data and it is preferable to backup all your data. If you have a backup, simply update or restore from, else using an iPhone data recovery software is your last resort.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone is a reliable data recovery software to retrieve your lost or deleted data. Further, the software has three options to restore your data i.e. to recover from your iOS device, iTunes, and iCloud backup. In case, you happen to lose your data, follow these steps to retrieve them.

Recover data from iPhone

  1. Run and install Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone and select Recover from iPhone
  2. The software list the connected iOS devices and the software start analyzing the device.
  • Once the process is complete, the software scans it for recoverable files.
  1. Preview the files, once scanning is over and select files and hit Recover and save them at the desired location.

Recover data from iTunes and iCloud Backup

  1. Launch Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone and select Recover from iTunes Backup/iCloud Backup
  2. If iTunes Backup is selected, the software lists all the iTunes backup files and if iCloud Backup is selected, then login to your account and to get the list of available backup files
  • Preview the backup files, select them and hit Save to restore the files

To sum up

The above-mentioned methods are viable to fix iPhone error 56 but before proceeding with the methods, ensure that you have a backup of all the files, else leverage an iPhone data recovery software and continue to update or restore process. If the issue still persists, contact Apple support.

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