Top 11 Appointment Booking Software for 2019

Appointment booking software has become an essential aspect of businesses these days. It doesn’t matter what scale the business is a small scale or a large one an appointment booking software will have an important role to play. As a business owner, it becomes necessary that the choice of software should be such which houses all the features that are required for streamlining the different tasks.

However, as there is quite a few appointment booking software which is available out there picking the best one won’t be an easy task. So, to make things simple for you I a, going to present the top 10 appointment booking software to look forward to in 2019.

1. Sagenda

Sagenda comes first into our list. Sagenda is a free, simple yet powerful Appointment Booking and Reservation Software that helps you to boost your productivity to the next level. One of the best features we love about Sagenda is its perfect integration with WordPress. You just need to install the Plugin to your WordPress, Drupal or Joomla site and start to collect Bookings instantly. Sagenda account is free and unlimited and comes with a free technical support. With Sagenda you only pay for additional module such as SMS notifications, this makes this software our favourite.

2. Appointment booking Software by Awebstar

The appointment booking Software by Awebstar will enable you to manage your business in an easy and efficient manner. Now keeping a track of all your customers is not a cumbersome task anymore. All the details of the customers will be maintained by the software that will prove quite useful for a business for future references. There is an invoice management system which will provide your customers with a detailed view of all the transactions that have been made by them. The best part of the software is that customized notifications will be sent to your customers which will act as a reminder for the pending appointments.

3. Acuity Scheduling Software

This is a cloud-based scheduling software that will allow all the business owners to manage all their appointments over the cloud. Acuity Scheduling Software has been developed for the small and the midsize businesses. All the customers will be able to automate their bookings as they will be having a real-time view of the time that is available for them. The feature set of the software includes embeddable calendars, customizable intake forms, third-party application calendar synchronizing.

4. FlexBooker Software

This is another cloud-based appointment booking software that will help the users to manage the multiple appointments, classes, facilities and the service deliveries for their customers. Users will be able to make online reservations and the customizable interface will streamline the whole process of booking. FlexBooker Software includes color-coded calendars along with reservation scheduling and rescheduling and will work seamlessly on your mobile devices. The users will be offered with email based and SMS reminders. In-depth customer database will be maintained by the software and metrics will be provided depending on the productivity of the employee and the popular appointment times.

5. Schedulista

The Schedulista appointment booking software will allow users to schedule and reschedule all their appointments. The software will provide notifications and reminders to the customers about their pending and upcoming appointments. All the information about the customers will be managed by the software. Schedulista supports online payment processing through custom branding options and credit card integration. There is a mobile app which is available for the software that will allow your customers to access the software with the help of their smartphones.

6. mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk will manage and organize service requests, reports, billing and build your customer relationships. It has been more than a decade since the appointment booking software has been in existence. A large number of businesses use this software as their daily driver for streamlining their daily tasks. mHelpDesk comes with multi-feature support which will ensure that all the tasks of a business are managed in an efficient manner. You can access the software on your mobile device and get all the needed information with just a few clicks.

7. BookSteam

BookSteam is an online appointment booking software that will enable your customers to schedule all their appointments online. The businesses will be able to manage appointments on the backend. The software comes with features like online scheduling, email and text message, database management and online payments. The database management tools will allow the businesses to gather and manage the contact information of all their customers. By having all the desired information businesses will be able to send special offers to all their customers.

8. OnSched Software

OnSched Software is a cloud-based appointment booking software through which the users will be able to book all their appointments online and automate the different marketing campaigns. The software will allow the businesses to engage with their customers by offering them customized deals. Some of the standout features of the software include booking online appointments, sending SMS and email reminders and a dashboard for showcasing the analytics and reporting. The software comes with analytics capabilities and advanced reporting.

9. Timely

The Timely appointment scheduling software has been designed to cater the small and midsize businesses along with individual professionals. The software is perfect for managing hair and beauty salons, personal trainers and health clinics. As a user, you will be able to schedule and manage all your appointments from any location. The software will generate reports and send customized notifications and reminders. Few of the striking features of the software include calendar management that will allow the users to book and rebook their appointments.

10. AppointmentPlus

This is a cloud-based scheduling tool that has been developed for businesses of different sizes and industries. The software comes with configurable appointment setting tools, calendar management and embeddable features for websites. Businesses will have the liberty to create and maintain the individual calendars along with the calendars for their staff. The software will allow you to configure the account access levels that will allow editing and modifying the appointments. Now users will be able to create waiting lists and define the available hours.

11. will enable all the users to create a calendar and inform about their availability with the coworkers and clients. This will enable them to request for meetings. The software is able to integrate with different calendars that include Google Calendar, iCal and Microsoft Office. The differences in the time zones are addressed automatically. Users will be able to set the available hours manually and include between organizing schedules and appointments. The software will be able to send notifications and email reminders to the users or the clients.

11. Planyo

Planyo comes next into our list. Planyo provides booking system for almost all business types including Vacation property, Hotel, Product Rentals, Conference Rooms and Halls, etc. Planyo integration with your website is really easy. There is no iframes or new windows for the booking process. Customers can book appointments within your site and always stays on your website. If you are using WordPress or Joomla, you can integrate Planyo with Plugins.

Summing Up

Above is a brief of the top 10 appointment booking software to consider for managing your business in an efficient manner. Every software is unique in its own way and will offer the user with the needed functionality. Depending on the requirements of your business you can choose an appointment booking software that best matches your business needs.

I hope that the information showcased in this post will prove beneficial for you. Looking forward to your positive feedback in the comments section below.

Author Bio: This article is written by Morris Edwards. He is a Software Developer by profession and writer by hobby. He works for Awebstar Web Design + SEO Singapore, helping businesses to increase their staff productivity with Appointment Booking System. Morris is always grinding away on something web related. He loves travelling and writing.

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