8 Best Collaborative Project Management Softwares

In today’s world, organizations have to handle multiple projects and clients to sustain in their respective industries. But trying to store every data in a email for future references is a disaster. In order store data or plan a project within the given budget and time the team members need to communicate clearly with each other. To manage all these functions without any disruptions, it is important to buy project management software.
Best Collaborative Project Management Softwares
Leveraging this online system of project management services for working on distinct projects is a wise decision. In a highly competitive market where businesses have a limited time to prove their worth, such advanced system acts like a great support system. It helps the organizations to not only survive but also to get ahead of their competitors.

The system used in such software offers a summary of projects which are lined-up, and this makes the daily functions smoother. As a matter of fact, projects have a date to begin and to end in order to deliver on time. For instance, a new website development requirement can be defined as a project which needs to be delivered within the given time and also maintained efficiently. If you handle the digital marketing of that particular website or brand, you will need different people working on different tasks like SEO, promotions on social media or even updating content. So, you will need to get the best project management system to allow and manage different tasks.

There are many project management solutions which include storage space system. This enables your team to store the files, and later review during the discussion. These solutions can also be connected to third-party online storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. It is easy to link the files or even upload from the repositories that they use.

There is collaboration software, which is a distinct version of this software, and it is much more advanced. While collaborating with a project management app, you get to be more precise. Collaboration software services have numerous apps that handle video conference calls and also, it lets two people type a document simultaneously.

Modern collaboration services are a perfect blend of both collaboration and effective communication tools which makes everyday tasks easier. Using a high-end project management system can save plenty of time and let the team deliver every project on time.

4 categories of project management software with diverse functionality:-

In-house software- This is related to the solution which is installed in your computer servers at work. Hence, they are termed as in-house project management software which can be managed with minimal technical knowledge.

Individual software system- These kinds of tools are good at handling individual projects.

Medium sized software- These are web-based and they work as central project management systems.

High-end software system- These are usually created for large organizations as a central project management system.

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Key traits of project management software systems:-

  • Real-time collaboration with your employees
  • Document sharing with provisions to edit and update projects with transparency
  • Efficiently managing costs
  • Manage risks, budgets and forecasting to avoid future consequences
  • Reporting with flexible report formats through which you can access data quickly
  • This is dashboard based software which is easy to install and use

Below listed are 7 different project management software which can ease your work:-

1. Tamplo

Tamplo is a new powerful task management tool for your team. Tamplo helps you to boost your collaboration lets you create actions and assign to your person in charge. You can easily activate or deactivate the collaborators as you want. You can register for a 30-day trial on Tamplo with out a Credit Card.

2. Slack

Slack is a major player in project management software systems. Slack is a perfect choice if you are looking for software which can handle multiple functions at a time. You can easily hire a new employee to deploy some code, review a contract, plan a budget or even think of expanding your business.

3. Wrike

Wrike is suitable for managing multiple projects and it is even capable growing the team. It can handle every stage including tracking and reporting the progress of work. It contributes to creating and distributing task to planning and organizing workflows.

4. Fresh Desk

Freshdesk is an advanced cloud-based support tech which helps in tracking and managing projects. It also has a list of advantages like smart automation, FAQ section, and self-service portal which is customizable.

5. Aha!

Aha! Is considered as one of the world’s best product roadmaps, as it is possible to plan strategies, prioritize traits, and even find ideas seamlessly. This amazing software is used by more than 1,50,000 users all around the globe. This cloud-based software lets project managers to link or share their unique strategies with the team. It is capable of performing multiple tasks like tracking and monitoring the challenges in product requirements, track release progress, and also to share team’s project documents in order to collaborate in a smarter way during discussions.

6. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork projects have innumerable high performing apps which can enable the team to prepare a quality workflow and also allows to get rid of communication gaps which disrupt the time given to complete the project. The main features of this software include time tracking, setting milestones, tracking time, preparing high-level reports and many more such important functions which can contribute to the overall smooth functioning of a project. This is one of the superior quality collaboration platforms, which renders additional support and security to the teams.

7. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the best project management tools from Zoho, a cost-effective brand which enables, 15 million users to work online. Whether the business is a small size firm or a large size enterprise, Zoho fits varied environment and industries all around the globe. You can plan your projects, communicate without any interruptions, assign different tasks at the same time, receive timely updates regarding the project and also monitor the progress. You can always add unlimited users to all the plans without upgrading this software.

8. Procore

Procore by Procore technologies is one of the most efficient construction management software. It is capable of streamlining and mobilizing communication that is carried away to boost profits from different projects. Apart from this it also enables to have access to documents related to the project, contracts and agreements, schedules and drawings which are used to complete the project within the deadlines.

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