Elorus Review – The Best Online Invoicing and Billing Software

Today on SocialPositives.com we are reviewing Elorus, a powerful online invoicing and billing software especially made to help you maintain an efficient workflow.

There is a plethora of Invoicing and Billing Software available on the web but if you are really serious about your business, you need an advanced software specially built to manage your needs.

Why Elorus?

Elorus does a lot more than invoice issuing and forwarding—which could be done by an online invoice generator. We have already listed Elorus as our Best Free Invoice Generator Software.

There is a lot of similar software available on the web, so why should you opt for Elorus over others? If you are a freelancer or small business owner, Elorus is the best place to get started. Below are some of the most notable features of Elorus.

  • Easy Invoicing: Professional invoices in any currency & language
  • Online Payments: Accept credit cards online and get paid faster
  • Expenses: Cash flow management and expenses tracking
  • Client Portal: Safe private space for you and your clients
  • Reports: Advanced reporting with filters
  • Team Management: Custom user roles and controlled access
  • Inventory: Manage your inventory through the app
  • Free Plan: For 1 user and unlimited transactions with 3 of your customers/suppliers per month

Elorus is designed to give you complete control over the time you invest in growing your business. Their collaborative workspace takes your work management to the next level.

Ideal for Freelancers

Elorus can be used for business types like photographers, programmers, civil engineers, architects, travel agencies, law firms, and every type of small business.

If you are a freelancer, sometimes it may take months before you get paid for a project. It’s not unusual for you, either, to be working on several projects simultaneously.

Each project, though, has a specific deadline, and managing cash flow effectively is vital for your survival. With Elorus advanced invoicing and billing platform you can get paid faster while keeping your expenses under control.

Create and Customize your Invoices with Ease
Ease of use is one of the strongest features of Elorus. You can now issue and send professional invoices effortlessly.  You can fully customize the colours, font, and logo to match your business brand within Elorus. You can use any of the invoice templates to create your own invoices or even save templates for all your business documents like quotes, credit notes etc. On top of that, you can convert your quotes and estimates to invoices with just a click!

Recurring Invoices

This is one of the features I love about Elorus. Do you have customers with monthly recurring invoices? If yes, you won’t need to issue and send invoices to your clients each and every month. You can easily schedule recurring invoices with Elorus.

Any Currency, 8 Languages

You can send your invoices in any currency like USD, pound, euro, sterling, etc. You get the actual exchange rates. Also, you can choose to issue the invoice in any of the 8 popular languages supported by Elorus.


Get paid in three steps. First, you issue and send the invoice. Then your customer receives a unique URL link. Finally, the customer can pay you online with any type of card using one of the industry’s leading payment processors like Authorize, Braintree Payments, Razorpay or their balance on PayPal and Viva Wallet.

Client Portal

You can really impress your customers with this one! You invite them to their company’s dedicated Elorus portal. Through the portal, they can view and download their transactions history and exchange information.


As mentioned above, you can create estimate and quotes templates, and send them to your customers. You get notified when they view your offer and they can give you feedback straight through the App. And with just one click you can convert your estimate into an invoice.


There are ready-made reporting settings upon registration for your cash flow, accounts receivable etc. Furthermore, you can create your own reports through filters and export the data.

Team Management & Collaboration

Invite your accountant and your team members to Elorus. Decide the level of access you want them to have and, through the custom user role feature, you can decide what each member will be able to edit or not.


Elorus comes with a free plan and premium plans start from $8.45 per month. The basic supports 10 Clients/Suppliers and 2 users. The $14.45 comes with a 50 Clients/Suppliers and users limit, and the $19.45 monthly plan supports a whopping Unlimited Clients/Suppliers and unlimited users.

It’s Free!

Can you imagine being able to use a professional Invoicing and Billing Software like Elorus for free? Yes, it actually allows a free plan for one user and unlimited invoices for 3 of your customers/suppliers per month.

Final Conclusion

If you are serious about your online business, give Elorus a chance and make sure you get paid at the right time. With no contracts or set up fees, Elorus is here to help your business grow. Why are you waiting? I’m sure you won’t regret it, try Elorus now.

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