Best Interactive eBook Creator Tools

Today on, we are listing some of the best Interactive eBook Creator Tools available on the web. an ebook was simply an electronic version of its printed counterpart.

What is Interactive eBook?

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Ebooks are so easy to create, everyone is doing it nowadays. The key is they all look the same and pretty much boring. Here comes the importance of interactive eBooks.

Interactive ebooks take advantage of touchscreen capabilities. eBooks contain Checklists, Maps, Links, Animations are called interactive eBooks. This really interacts with users.

Interactive eBook Creator Tools

Here we go with some of the best Interactive eBook Creator Tools available on the web.

1. SoftChalk Interactive eBook Creator

SoftChalk Interactive eBook creator comes first on our list. You can try the tool absolutely free for 30 days. Just download the tool and get started. You just create your lesson click on the eBook icon for your lesson on your “My Content”, “Lessons” page.

When you are ready to publish the tool, it will ask you to provide a title for your book, author name, language, chapter format, etc. There is an option available to design or upload a custom cover design for your eBook.

2. Using LeadREV by SnapApp

Using LeadREV SnapApp lets you create Interactive eBooks easily. Just follow these steps to create.

  • Upload the PDF such as a whitepaper, eBook, the presentation you wish.
  • Add customizations like animations, transactions, etc.
  • Download your eBook.

Isn’t that easier than you imagine to create Interactive eBooks with LeadREV? Try the tool for free.

3. Atavist

Atavist is a popular tool among others that lets you create media model storytelling. Atavist is free with basic features to use $15/month gives more additional features like Use your URL & logo, Commerce features, etc. Atavist recognizes that digital storytelling is a craft. You can mix title designs and themes to find the perfect look for your perfect interactive eBook.

4. Lucidpress

Lucidpress comes next into our list. With Lucidpress you can create Brochures, Flye, Newsletters, Reports, Digital Magazines, etc. Lucidpress is used by more than 4 Million people comes with free plans and premium plans for individuals and teams.

5. Flip Builder Interactive eBook Software

Flip Builder interactive eBook software comes next into our list. It helps you to convert PDF Magazines, Brochures into interactive eBooks. This can be shared on Social Media. Flip Builder software is available for both Windows and Mac. You can download and use the software for free.

6. Book Creator

Book Creator comes here as one of the best Interactive eBook Creator Tools. Like any other eBook creator tools, you can create Interactive Stories, Science Reports, Research Journals, Comic Adventures, etc. Book Creator is one of the most popular education apps amongst teachers comes with a free plan. You can create 1 Library and store up to 40 books for absolutely free.

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