Solved- Pinterest not working on Chrome

Pinterest is one of the world’s largest Social Networking site after Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a photo social network where users can collect photos in one place.

Although the features of Pinterest are numerous. I use Pinterest more than Facebook and I think Pinterest can gain more social media traffic to blogs than Facebook and Twitter combines. This article helps to Make Money with Pinterest.
Pinterest not working on Chrome
I think you know you need to signin to Pinterest with Facebook or Twitter. There is another method available that helps you to SignIn to Pinterest without Twitter or Facebook.

Pinterest not Working on Chrome

Recently I found a lot of complaints related to Pinterest and one of the common among them was Pinterest not working on Chrome. Today on, we are giving the best possible methods to solve  Pinterest not working on Chrome issues. Here we go.

  1. Check your Internet connection. Ensure that you are running on a good Internet Connection. We recommend you to visit If TheVerge was not loading quickly, seems you are on a slow network.
  2. Check your Browser and remove Caches and Cookies that could block the site. Remove all Caches and Cookies from your browser. It’s highly recommended to clean them occasionally.
  3. Ensure that you are running on the updated version of Google Chrome. If you are not, update them immediately.
  4. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled. If not enable JavaScript so Pinterest can work correctly.
  5. Check your Chrome extensions and ensure that no one is blocking Pinterest. To test this, disable all extensions and then enable one by one and load Pinterest.


If the problem still persists, try any VPN network and change your IP address. I’m sure this method will work for sure.

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