How to Password Protect Dropbox Folder

Today on, we are looking at to Password protect Dropbox folder. I think you know Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services.

When I open the desktop Dropbox I see all my data, which is wrong. Why doesn’t it requires the password for logging in?
Password Protect Dropbox Folder
Dropbox in your work area is only an envelope, and securing the application will do nothing to ensure your records since it’s only a customary organizer like some other. Regardless of whether the application was secured, nothing would keep somebody from having the capacity to open your Dropbox organizer and getting to the greater part of your documents.

Password Protect Dropbox Folder

Secure the PC with a watchword and they can’t get to the Dropbox application or the Dropbox organizer with your information. Here is the simple way to protect your Dropbox Folder in front of others using the same PC.

Method 1. Protect within your PC

Dropbox stores all your personal data inside “C:\Users\your_username\Dropbox”. Each user who logs into the machine has their own user account, so for example, Jack and Michael:

Jack’s Dropbox: C:\Users\Alice\Dropbox

Michael’s Dropbox: C:\Users\Michael\Dropbox


Jack cannot access any folder inside C:\Users except her own C:\Users\Jack folder and subfolders.

Michael cannot access anything inside C:\Users except his own folder C:\Users\Michael and subfolders.


This means that Jack cannot access Michael’s C:\Users\Michael\Dropbox folder and vice versa.

On the off chance that you need to legitimately keep individual records private, at that point every client of a Windows machine ought to have their own username and secret key.

Method 2. Encrypting Files

You can convert the files to pdf and then encrypt the pdf. This has the added convenience of still being able to access them anywhere without the special software installed (even on your phone).

If you want to encrypt your confidential information and make it secure, there’s no better way than to protect your files with Soda PDF’s password protection options.

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