Trello for Windows 10 – Download App without using Windows Store (EXE File)

If you are a productivity enthusiast and use a lot of Productivity tools, I’m sure you already heard about Trello.  Trello is one of the worlds popular project management software, not just one of them, frankly the worlds most popular and widely used Project Management Tool.

Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects easily.

In 2017, Trello announced Trello Desktop for Mac and Windows. Trello announced that “Trello users around the world rejoice: the official Trello desktop app is here! Your top feature request is now a living, breathing… well, it’s a live app you can download in two clicks. The app is free for all users and is available on Mac and Windows”.

Download Trello App without Windows Store

One of the major problems with Trello Windows Apps is it doesn’t available to download the file directly without using Windows Store. The Trello app is only available through the Windows Store.

Is there any possibility to download the Trello App as an install package without using the Windows store? Yes, it is possible.

We found the Trello Exe file that helps you to download Download App without using Windows Store.  You can download the file directly using this link.

Just download the Zip file and extract that. There you can see the .exe file to use the Trello App.

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