Top 7 Social Media Tools of 2019

Have you ever thought of an effective social media strategy for your business? Or, you have one but are still struggling to generate progressive results?

If you are not sure about the answer then possibly you haven’t leveraged the right tools.

With the increasing use of social media among users (as shown in the figure below), it’s quite evident that why the growing number of businesses are coming over to the social media platform and putting their valued resources, time and money into this aspect of their social media marketing strategy.


To help you cut through the clutter, I will recommend the 6 must-use social media tools that have helped my clients and their businesses in 2018 to increase the engagement with their audience and grow better.

Let’s get started!

1. SocialPilot

A comprehensive social media management tool, SocialPilot helps you in all your social media marketing processes – right from finding content to analyzing your strategies. Apart from providing many scheduling and publishing options, SocialPilot makes for a great product:

  • A user-friendly interface – there’s no complicated workflows or technicalities for you to navigate through
  • 24/5 reliable customer support which helps you across all platforms – email, chat and call

What We Love About SocialPilot

SocialPilot has a comprehensive list of features that help you manage your social effortlessly.

  • Curate content, share it while surfing through Browser Extension and share it automatically through RSS Feeds
  • Share and download analytics reports – so you can use them for presentations and client meetings
  • Make changes to your scheduled content easily – within a dynamic social calendar
  • Reply to all your messages, posts, comments on Facebook Pages in real-time, with Social Inbox.
  • Create teams and manage your clients’ social accounts without their credentials

What’s more? SocialPilot enables you to group different social accounts – which makes it easier for you to manage your clients’ accounts.

Checkout SocialPilot Pricing for professionals, small teams and agencies that fits your budget well.

2. HootSuite

Largely known as SMM tool – a number of businesses, as well as individuals, use it to streamline all their social media needs into one simple system. Having more than 10 million customers at present, Hootsuite manages all aspects of your social media activity such as:

  • Publishing & scheduling updates
  • Sourcing engaging content
  • Responding to your followers
  • Monitoring your progress with analytics

What We Love About Hootsuite:



  • It monitors several different streams at the same time.
  • It’s easy to respond to mentions within the platform and there are a few additional options you get access to, like:
    • Auto schedule – want to reply but not right now? It’s easy!
    • Schedule on a specific date – If the auto schedule isn’t right, just pick a time & date.
    • Drafts – You can save an in-progress message or use a draft.

Get more information on pricing here:

3. Buffer

A smarter way to publish and schedule content on your social networks – Buffer is among top favourites by marketing professionals as well as agencies.

The idea is to have a platform where you can schedule and add posts to your “Buffer” at the intervals chosen by you.

What We Love About Buffer:


  • Buffer’s key strength is the simple, user-friendly interface it offers.
  • No extra icons to notify you for everything separately – there are only essentials given for ideal navigation.
  • Apart from scheduling and analytics, one can easily add RSS feeds from his favourite blogs and share his content easily.


For pricing, go here:

So, whenever you find something worth sharing with your followers, hit the Buffer button.

For those who seek a comparison among these two, Hootsuite would be an excellent option to manage numerous social accounts and engage with directly with the followers at the same time, whereas, Buffer is time-efficient and super quick for scheduling updates. So the choice is clear.

But, hold your decision right there! Until you read the next one in the contenders’ list.

The next is:

4. Sprout Social

An easy to navigate tool with all the major necessities – it is super easy to schedule posts under Sprout Social without a flaw as everything is segmented into its named folder.

Sprout Social efficiently manages:

  • Smarter Publishing to Reach Your Audience
  • Activity Monitoring Across Multiple Social Channels
  • Measuring & Optimizing with Powerful Analytics

What we love about Sprout Social:


  • Cleaner and more streamlined look of Sprout Social’s dashboard for users.
  • Main categories like Messages, Tasks, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports are easy to click and manage.
  • A larger window to work with ease rather looking at a lot of little columns.

For pricing, see it here:

5. Tweepi

Apart from the above-mentioned contenders that excel in managing all sorts of social media management needs, Tweepi gained the position in the list for its uniqueness in handling the widest-in-reach social platform (TWITTER) at its best.

Tweepi helps in:

  • Finding Relevant Users
  • Engaging target followers
  • Getting noticed, grow your brand

What We Love About Tweepi:


  • Helps you get noticed to increase the followers.
  • Provides a variety of related tools to help you grow.
  • Removes and unfollows Inactive Users who refresh.
  • Reciprocate and follow relevant users.
  • Force unwanted users to unfollow you.

For pricing, check this link:!/packages

6. SocialOomph

With a range of advanced features, Socialoomph automates the sending of direct messages to new followers and vets new followers. You can also set up keyword searches to find influencers on Twitter.

It gives oomph or boosts your social media productivity needs without manual, time-consuming process.

Some base features to know:

What We Love About SocialOomph:

  • Creates a queue of content and automated picking out items from the queue at the times you’ve mentioned.
  • Creates a file full of social media updates and then import the file to SocialOomph.

7. Post Planner

This is specifically designed for a Facebook-specific platform to help you save time while handling multiple Facebook pages.

Post Planner  stands best to the requirements like:

  • Good content to share with your audience,
  • Target the right locations & demographics and
  • Schedule your updates.

Enabling the Post Planner user to have direct access from within the Facebook and not signing in to a different system, it helps in managing multiple Facebook pages without a hassle.

What We Love About Post Planner:


  • Group your pages into lists for better accessibility
  • Schedule posts into the created lists
  • Import blog RSS feeds
  • Find relevant content to share with your audience
  • Add content to a queue ready to be shared
  • And lots more


Using one of these tools or a combination of these will surely help you implement your social media strategy as well as the right use of time.

To mention one tool out of all would be difficult, though there are some like Hootsuite that come quite close to what you may have been looking for as one-space-fits-all expectations approach.

Rather putting an exhaustive list of tools, I picked the best 6 to help you find a quick pick.

Which social media tools do you find to save you the most time? And why?

We would love to hear more in the comments below.

Author Bio – Ishan Gupta is the CEO and co-founder of iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd., an SEO company India. He provides strategic marketing insights to help businesses drive their desired marketing goals.

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