10 Ways To Build A Social Media Brand Identity

Social media has become an inseparable part of modern lives. From updates to friends to sharing travel photos, this is the way we keep in touch with each other. Hence, its importance must never be underestimated.

But have you ever paid attention to the fact that social media can play a pivotal role in creating a brand identity as well? In modern times, most companies carry out social media campaigns for making their business grow and develop.

This article provides you with 10 ways in which you can build a social media brand identity. These range from a variety of things like using a logo to the choice of colors for your ad campaign. After reading this article, you can definitely become more aware of the way social media can be used to create a good brand identity.

Read on to boost your business prospects using the power of social media as a tool that can help you reach great heights.

1. Maintain A High Level of Consistency

Whenever you are using social media, it pays to maintain a high level of consistency. You need to express the same ideas over all the social platforms. This helps to improve your reliability and credibility. Customers begin to recognize you for the level of uniformity that you showcase. Another thing to be kept in mind is the regularity. Your social media posts must preferably occur at regular intervals of time. But keep in mind that this does not mean that you post articles too often. This will bore the reader who will be overwhelmed by the information overload that becomes a case of spamming. So keep these two factors in mind when you are posting your content on social media.

2. Let The Logo Represent The Brand

When you are choosing a logo for your company, always ensure that the brand is well represented in it. The logo is the icon of your company that will be recognized far and wide among customers from different walks of life. Hence, you must invest a lot of time designing it. You can hire a good graphic designer for this purpose who can create your company logo according to your needs and requirements.

Also, you need to make sure that the logo is suitable for a variety of platforms including paper, billboards, social media and other digital forms of communication. This will make it versatile and will help in conveying its message across a broad spectrum of people. It will also increase its level of popularity among the masses. This is why the logo should represent the brand. It will help in building the social media brand identity.

3. Use Catchy Colors

You must never underestimate the importance of colors in branding. This is because the human mind is very much attuned to visionary perception and will quickly grasp the brand nuances through the medium of color. Different colors represent different traits and moods.

The color red represents activity, intensity, and love. Yellow represents joy, happiness, and friendship. Blue represents peace, calm and tranquility. So you must choose the color of your brand and logo according to the image that you wish to portray among your customers. This will definitely give a fillip to brand building.

4. Give Your Brand Its Own Voice And Style

Every brand should have its own voice and style. This should correspond to the target market. Now it is totally up to you how you want to create the voice and style of your brand.

A niche brand should use language that is specific to that industry, for example; automobiles should use terminology that car lovers will adore. This sets them apart from the rest. In other words, you must always remember that your brand needs to be treated like a person just like any other human being.

Once people relate to the persona of the brand, they will automatically become loyal followers. This is because of the emotional bonding that will occur due to the connection between the brand and the target market. Doing this will increase the brand value of your company immensely.

5.  Add A Personal Touch

Whenever you are creating a brand image, you need to talk to your target market. This communication should have a personal touch. In other words, you need your brand to talk like a human being. This will help in providing a two-way communication process. It is easy in modern times owing to the proliferation of social media all across the globe.

Once you have created a personal touch, it will become very easy for you to build bridges between you are your customer base. This will augur well for expediting the branding process using social media as the medium. In this way, you can raise the popularity of your brand using clever methods that separate you from the crowd.

6. Don’t Broadcast, Converse With Your Customers

Broadcasting your products and services are a thing of the past. Modern branding demands that we converse with our customers using social media as the platform. This is another manifestation of the two-way communication process that needs to be set up in order to get a good hold over your market. It also helps you penetrate the market by getting across your message to a number of potential customers who will eventually become loyal to you. This clearly shows that conversing with customers will definitely spread your popularity far and wide and will enhance your brand image immensely.

7. Weave An Interesting Yarn

For making people sit up and take notice, you need to tell a convincing story that will impress them quickly. This can be done by telling about your company, the kinds of achievements you have made and the ways in which you envision a bright future. Believe it or not, all these steps create the right way in which you can connect with your customers. You can make ample use of social media in order to get this story to the maximum number of people. This is how weaving an interesting yarn can help you build a better brand image.

8. Maintain Transparency

It is ideal to maintain transparency in brand building. People should know about the way your business grows and prospers. You can effectively use social media to inform the public about what steps you have taken in order to benefit your customers. This will create a good image of your brand in the eyes of the people. It will also help to convert potential consumers to actual clients. In this way, transparency helps deeply in building your brand.

9. Ensure That The Content is Relevant

Whenever you are posting blogs on your website, you need to ensure that the content is relevant. This is because your content should effectively grasp the attention of the readers. It will be a pity to see that the readers are getting bored by your blogs. Hence, generate content to attract the readers to your website and make them come back for more.

10. Use Visual Aids

People tend to respond quickly to visual aids like images and photographs. This is because visual communication is always more effective than verbal communication in getting your point across. Visuals are also easy to remember and recognize. Hence, you must use photographs and infographics liberally as it will attract a great deal of attention. You can also get more images from Pinterest and Tumblr. These social media tools have a large repertoire of visual aids that can be useful in improving your brand image.


From the above, we see the 10 ways in which we can build a social media brand identity. Use these tips and guidelines to connect with your target market using social media as a reliable platform.

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